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  • Obama Excludes God

    by Founder on December 19, 2012

    in Voice of the People

    This is the sickness that is Obama the atheist.

    This is the sickness that is the Democrats.

    This is the sickness that is “political correctness“.

    This is the sickness that is liberalism.

    The Democrats and Obama have done all they can to eliminate God from our children, our schools and our culture.

    And now this is what you get.

    You get these senseless acts of violence. Then people say “where was God”? How can God let these things happen?

    Where was God with regards to the Sandy Hook massacre?

    The answer is you – Obama and the sick libs – have pushed God out of America. You have worked hard at eliminating God from our culture and this demented society is what you get.

    The liberals are sick people. They are uneducated. They do not think things through.

    The liberals are atheists – they are empty. They stand for nothing. They believe in nothing.

    So how is it that this “liberalism” can control our society?

    I am 51 years old. When I grew up in the great America – each day before school – my class would stand in unison and recite the “Pledge of Allegiance”.

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all”.

    This simple pledge carries so much weight.

    It helps to form good, law abiding people who are grounded in a religion that speaks only of love and of doing the right things.

    1. It pledges allegiance to our great country – you live here, you benefit from our greatness as a country – then you are to be loyal to America – NOT your “homeland”.

    2. “And to the Republic” – meaning a government and society that is represented by “We the People” NOT some massive Federal government in Washington.

    3. “Under God” – that’s right “under God”. This great country was formed by leaders who feared and believed in God. The Constitution was divinely inspired by God. Our country’s beliefs and principles were based on the teachings of God.

    4. “With Liberty” – that is with FREEDOM! Freedom from an oppressive government. Freedom from the government trying to control everything you do. Freedom to pursue your dreams both financially and by bringing up a family.

    5. “Justice for All” – this means that in a court of law we are all treated equally. Not justice by color of skin – like the Obama losers try to do. Obama is “black” in skin color, therefore the blacks think he is “one of them” – even though his mother was white.

    Obama ignores anything blacks do and the Democrats continually pound the white race as being evil. This is the sickness that is Obama, the Democrats and liberalism.

    This short “Pledge of Allegiance” has been dropped form our schools – because the pathetic liberal politicians don’t want to “offend” anybody. They want everyone to feel at home – simply by letting everyone do whatever they want, believe whatever they want and say whatever they want.

    The liberals and Obama have no morals and no character. They have nothing to guide their behavior.

    When you remove God and his teachings from the schools and our society – you remove any and all barriers to how people behave.

    Look at our society today!

    Look at the trash movies being spit out by the vile liberals in Hollywood.

    Look at the video games the children are playing – filled with violence and immorality.

    Look at the TV programs being shown in prime children time – they are immoral, filled with sexual innuendos and packed with violence.

    Look at the laws concerning Gay marriage being passed. Anything goes in America right now – anyone can marry anyone – and soon they will allow marrying a dog or a cow – this is how sick these people are.

    Look at how the politicians and the media are obsessed with “political correctness”. This is one of the biggest problems America faces right now.

    The word police. What happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”?

    What happened to the self esteem of our young people?

    The youth of today have noneĀ  – everything offends them. Everything offends somebody and the politicians make new laws based on this! It is insanity – it is the result of a Godless society.

    Look at the zombie kids walking around with their cell phones. They cannot put them down. They must text message at all times of the day.

    They cannot live with their own minds in silence – they must be stimulated by these cell phones. This alone is destroying their self image and their intelligence.

    America is in big trouble.

    You have the piece of shit Obama trying his best to destroy our economy.

    You have the liberals trying to and succeeding in removing God from our schools and our children’s life.

    You have political correctness destroying the liberties and freedoms of every true American.

    So what is to be done to correct this?

    I do not know if, during my life time, this can be changed.

    Obama recruits new people for government entitlements everyday. Welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing – all the while killing these people’s energy, ambition and intelligence – all for the purposes of staying in power.

    When will Obama and the liberals realize that they have erred greatly concerning God?

    When they die – that is the only time. They will then face their maker. But at that time – for our great, divinely inspired country it will be too late.

    America is now filled with so many NON Americans – this is the problem.

    So many NON Americans who do not believe in God – these are the Obama supporters – they do not believe in hard work, they do not know American history and they could care less – all at the guidance of the sick Marxist Obama.

    America needs to rid Washington of Obama and all those who support his Godless Marxist/Muslim beliefs.

    Allah is NOT our God. He is the Muslim God – keep him OUT of America.

    The Muslim Obama wants to rid God from America forever.

    Heck, Obama cannot even say the word “God”. Whenever he is reciting something with the word”God” in it – he omits the word. This is how much against America Obama and his wife are.

    We are now facing the results of a Godless America.

    Everyday violence in the home, on TV, in the movies and in the streets.

    Murders with no remorse. 2000+ murders a year in places like Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit.

    So where is God?

    He has been removed from America by our liberal government.

    Please join us as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Join us if you believe in God and his wonderful teachings.

    Join us if you are sick and tired of the trash that Obama and Washington are pushing.

    Join us today!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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