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  • Obama’s Marxist Takeover Plans

    by Founder on January 5, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    The mask is off.

    The “entitlement” crowd has again voted in a hard core Marxist – and now they are going to start to really feel the pain of Obama’s policies.

    This is Obama’s plan. Let’s see how he is progressing.

    1. Capture One or Both Political Parties – They already control the Democratic Party and belittle the Republicans at every turn, to shape public opinion negatively against Republicans.

    2. Eliminate Prayer or Religious Expression – Courts have been gradually doing this for 40 years. God is being pushed out of every part of America and Obama cannot say the word “God”.

    3. Infiltrate the Churches and Discredit the Bible – As Obama said – Americans are “clinging to their Bibles and guns”. A Marxist does not want you to believe in God – they are atheists except of course for their “Allah”.

    4. Discredit and Dismantle the FBI – Obama is actively doing this. Ridding the agencies of true Patriotic Americans who would stand up against Obama.

    5. Discredit the Constitution – Obama hates the Constitution – calling it a “document of negative liberties”. He wants nothing to do with a silly ole’ Constitution – that just holds back his Marxist program!

    6. Discredit the Founding Fathers – Obama thinks they are elite old, rich white guys who were trying to screw the little people. Obama is hard core out in left field.

    7. Get Control of the Schools – Look at the condition of our public schools and the dumbing down of our children – while indoctrinating them into the Obama style government of entitlements, redistribution and paying ones “fair share”.

    8. Get Rid of US Nuclear Weapons – This is in progress.

    9. Permit Free Trade Between All Nations – Even if They are Communist – Obama not only does this “free trade” but he is also supplying Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood with money and weapons.

    10. Infiltrate the Press – This is obvious. The “press” is a pathetic bunch of biased, paid off, Obama robots who think Communism will be great. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC are all Marxism supporters.

    11. Infiltrate Radio, TV and Motion Pictures – The political correctness of this entire segment is sickening – yet at the same time they pump out violent shoot em up films and shows – shown at all times of the day. Sickening.

    12. Present Homosexuality and Promiscuity as “Normal” – Two words – gay marriage.

    13. Infiltrate Big Business – Jeffrey Immult, CEO of GE – now an Obama “adviser” – seems to be a definite supporter of Communism – he has a company that does Billions in revenue – yet they paid no taxes – typical Marxist.

    14. Belittle All Forms of American Culture and American History – They are re writing history – changing different events as they wish – to fit their political agenda – once again, sickening Marxism.

    15. Support a Socialized Movement Including Education, Health Care, Welfare and Mental Health – ObamaCare and a lousy Public School government influenced curriculum.

    16. Promote the UN – I believe the UN will get involved in Obama’s attempt to disarm the American people. The UN should not be involved in any of the tax payer’s issues – this is a sick ploy to control us.

    17. Infiltrate Unions – SEIU – nuff said – public sector unions are money hungry leeches who live off the hard working tax payers. Unions act Marxist all the way.

    18. Eliminate All Laws Governing Obscenity – As God is pushed out of America – the people’s morals decline and almost become non existent. The liberal mentality is 100% responsible for the destruction of America.

    19. Discredit American Culture and Degrade All Forms of Artistic Expression – anything goes under Marxism.

    20. Eliminate All Laws That Interfere with Communism – Obama is pumping out Executive Orders by the hundreds – to bypass Congress and America’s culture.

    21. Do Away with Loyalty Oaths – Obama wants those in his administration who will follow his orders – he does not want those who will follow the Constitution.

    22. Continue Giving Russia and China Access to the Patent Office

    23. Weaken American Institutions by Claiming They Violate Civil Rights – The ACLU jumps at any chance to squash American traditions and culture. They are as much a Communist organization as any.

    24. Gain Control of All Student Newspapers – The Marxists have definitely infiltrated colleges and universities. Look at how liberal the students are and that they would actually vote for a Marxist.

    25. Use Student Riots for Public Protests – One word – “occupy” – nuff said. These uneducated “students” are robots for an entitlement offering government.

    26. Transfer Powers of Arrest From Police to Social Agencies – Most of the agencies in the government now have arrest and weapons authority – thanks to Obama – agencies who should NEVER be given this authority – it has all happened under the Marxist.

    27. Dominate the Psychiatric Profession and Mental Health Laws – Look at all the nuts roaming society today. The pathetic liberals want these people to have a “fair shot”. The feel good liberals don’t want the nut cases feelings hurt – so they allow these people to wander free and cause the havoc they do ie. shootings!

    28. Discredit the Family and Promote Easy Divorce – Obama dislikes the American family and all it stands for – he is all for single mothers – as long as they are on the government dole – and they vote for him!

    29. Emphasize Need to Raise Children Away from Their Parents – Obama wants the government to raise your children.

    30. Create Impression That Violence is a Legitimate Aspect of American Traditions – The more fear the government can induce via false flag events – the more the morons who voted Obama in will be willing to disarm the populace.

    31. Become Indebted to Communist Nations – We owe China $5 Trillion – is that indebted enough?

    32. Provide American Aid to All Countries Regardless of Communist Affiliation – Obama is rubbing elbows and doling out the cash to many terrorist nations in the Middle East.

    33. Push and promote Government Entitlement Programs – There are ads for Food Stamps and many other pathetic government programs – this is how the sleazy Marxist gets his voters.

    34. Squash Small Business“You didn’t build that, someone else made that happen” – remember that Marxist quote by Obama? He thinks the government owns your business – not you – typical Marxist crap.

    35. Tax the People to Death – Taxes just went up on 75% of American tax payers – and he wants more taxes passed. He thinks your money is his money – while he lives like a King off the tax payers – he is the scum of scum.

    36. Discourage Financial Success – Obama hates entrepreneurs and those that achieve success and are able to produce. He and his wife have been leeching off the tax payers and others their whole life and they are both incapable of producing anything.

    37. Regulate Small Business and Big Business to Death – There are hundreds of new regulations by the Obama administration meant to strangle and suffocate businesses. Typical Marxist crap.

    38. Disarm the Populace – And the icing on the cake and very necessary ingredient for Obama? He MUST disarm the public – so his Marxist government can roll over the American people and control every aspect of our lives.

    All negativity and darkness – solely for the purpose for them to keep in power and to achieve massive wealth!  All at the expense of millions of good people.

    This is why Obama needs to be publicly caned for his treasonous actions.

    The American people need to wake up!

    The common sense, educated people in this country know what Obama is doing – we voted against the loser.

    The “low information” voters – those on government entitlements who have no ambition or desire to work – they do NOT know what Obama is about – yet they voted him in.

    They, unfortunately, are too stupid to realize the destruction they have caused and will cause.

    May God bless America.

    And to Obama the Marxist? Bring it – the American people are ready.

    Please join us today.

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    Lee July 10, 2015

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    President Of The United States Micro Sells USA Citizens privacy – freedom for 2 million a year. He said he loves the USA and someone is under-minding his Democratic Administration.
    US, World, Yes NWO Gov. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Adv. Alien Tech. from Alien Contacts and knock downs for technology since 1958 USA. Hitler (Hungry for Truth) had his own research.
    Billionaire porn hijacker, gay, schizophrenic Howard William Raymond brother David Thornton (father – late Paul Raymond King Of Porn, London) gave me all this Obama Covert Gov. Darpa Defense Micro and Torture USA Top Classified Covert Darpa Info drunk on Gin. Howard said he and David are lovers 45 years, employed by with great dislike for Obama, he is acquiring their billions in lease land, houses and money.
    Howard stated he, Leno and David have stage wives and yes they are all gay as hell torture wifi queers. Howard hates and tortures everybody because he broke his back at 10 yrs. of age, Satan King Of Porn Raymond dk is dead.

    1. This Retarded Billionaire sold us for 2 million a year for Obama. 2. He sold us illegally in porn at
    3. He sold us at Jay Leno’s wifi Comedy Torture Club. 4. He sold our brain data to Obama for torture programs.
    They are doing this to millions of people in USA. Howard Raymond, David Thornton 72310 Blueridge Ct., Palm Desert, CA. 92260


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