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  • Obama and Guns

    by Founder on January 14, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is how a Marxist thinks.

    Obama wants to disarm the American people. Just like Hitler did with his people.

    Am I comparing Hussein Obama to Hitler? Yes, of course I am, isn’t it obvious?

    They are/were both tyrants. Sick control freaks who want to enact policies that negatively effect millions of people.

    When Obama got elected the first time – his “big picture” was to enact his Health Care control program, redistribute the wealth of the country, run up as big a deficit as possible given his Constitutional restraints, control the schools with government indoctrination and re-distributional type of teachings, strip our military of their power and finally – and most importantly disarm the country and her people!

    Now that Obama is in his “I don’t care what the people think” 2nd term – the mask is off. He is going after our 2nd Amendment.

    The 2nd Amendment is not there for us to protect ourselves from a home intruder – this part was a given – the 2nd Amendment is there to protect the people from a tyrannical government!

    The Founding Fathers knew an asshole like Obama would come around – and they made provisions for this.

    The 2nd Amendment was 2nd because it is extremely important! It wasn’t something thought of late in the process making it the 15th or 20th Amendment. This is the 2nd Amendment! Only to be beaten by FREE SPEECH!

    Obama has long been against guns and will now make a planned full court press against Gun rights and our 2nd Amendment.

    He wants to strip America of her power. He wants to strip the American people of their power. He is doing it from every angle.

    Obama has a check list of things he needs to get done to “fundamentally transform America” into what he thinks is the way it should be.

    He is doing this all the while he is is spending millions on himself and his family every month!

    Obama is a sick asshole who deserves to be in jail. A-hole is the best word I can think for this wannabe.

    Obama is destroying the lives of millions throughout America – if you aren’t mad at him? Then you are NOT an American!

    So what is next on Obama’s list? It’s get serious time for the Marxist.

    Obama wants your guns!

    He wants to – through “Executive Order”ORDER you and every law abiding American on what to do and not to do concerning guns! Not though Congress and a vote but - just because Hussein says so.

    Obama is infringing our gun rights! Yet our gun rights - “shall not be infringed”.

    Now Obama wants to spit on the Constitution again and infringe on our gun rights – without addressing the real problem at all – he just wants to disarm you – THEN watch what happens!

    The problem is these supposed lone psychos (at least the government tells us they are “lone psychos”) who are going in and gunning down dozens with an AR-15! So the government uses this to disarm all law abiding citizens of the right to own this weapon?

    This is insanity. This is Marxism 101. This is Hussein Obama.

    The problem is really – the sick Hollywood violent, blood filled trash ie. movies, TV and video games. Does Obama address any of this? No. Does Obama actually look at the real causes of these shootings? No. Does he care? No.

    Obama just wants your guns.

    Obama wants to strip America of their right to own guns. He has wanted this for decades – but just for you – the peasant. Not for him.

    You see, the elitist psycho Barack recently signed a bill authorizing him and his family armed guards for the rest of their life! I guess guns do protect people.

    What will Obama do to America if he is able to strip you of your guns? He will have total control over you. He will be able to have the government go door to door and do anything they want with you. If you don’t think this would happen look at other countries who were stripped of their guns and what happened?

    The bottom line? There were deaths. Deaths of the people by the government! Millions of dead citizens.

    When this happens, this would be the only time the lib, useful Obama idiots would realize that they made a mistake in voting for Obama!

    Their brain washed admiration of Obama would be wiped away when they see the tanks rolling in the streets and check points every where. THIS is what can happen once the government disarms its people.

    So why did the Obama regime purchase 1.5 billion hollow point bullets? Why has Obama given arrest authority to dozens of different government agencies? Why do you think?

    Obama knows that when he goes after your guns – there will be resistance. There will be blood.

    Obama is prepared to order his military to actually kill American people, the gun owners and those who are Patriots for the American way and the Constitution.

    The masses are so blind to who Obama really is. They are drunk with all the freebies the government gives out. They have been lulled into a useful stupidity – and Obama could care less.

    Obama knows his base consists of stupid, low information, could care less people. They will believe anything he tells them. His base  is the entitlement crowd and the millions of government workers. These are all anti-American low information people who have no clue as to who Obama is and what he is trying to do.

    Obama is a pathological liar. He must be to accomplish what he is trying to accomplish. After all, Marxism isn’t easy to accomplish people.

    Obama hates white people – just as his wife does.

    Obama hates the middle class and all that we stand for.

    He needs to disarm us – if he is to destroy us.

    What will you do when the government comes looking for your guns?

    Just know that if Obama tries to erase the 2nd Amendment – and succeeds – America is done. She will take a hard, fast no dive into calamity and economic down turn.

    But ironically this is what the sick Obama wants. It is only when this happens will Obama think he has “succeeded”.

    What needs to happen?

    Obama needs to be impeached for his countless treasonous actions ie. Fast and Furious, starting wars without Congressional approval, the Benghazi fiasco and not being eligible through the birthplace requirement – I could go on for pages.

    We need the military police to go in and arrest Obama for his crimes. Obama is destroying our country piece by piece – right in front of your eyes – yet the media and the people are allowing it to happen. Why?

    I believe that true Americans are appalled at Obama and his actions – which means that the media and the government are made up of  non-Americansthis is the only answer – no true American would want what Obama is doing!

    “Non- Americans” – people who are not originally from America.

    Remember, Obama wants your guns. He wants to disarm the American people.

    Yet I warn you! Do not give up your guns – this is our last stand!

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today! Stand up for your 2nd Amendment rights!

    God bless America.

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    Questionman January 16, 2013

    Obama is NOT hated by Real Americans….

    He is NOT hated by Patriots. Hell, the people who hate him are NOT Patriots! They are racists, bigots, most southerners, the KKK, and all the right-wing nuts out there, including you. You conservatives always resort to name calling instead of rational debate. I feel sorry for people like you. It must get pretty tiresome living with as much hate as you do day in and out.

    No you’re not alone. Your racist attitude is shared by MANY people in the Tea Party, the Cancervatives and the Hard-core republicans. we knew from the beginning you don’t trust black people

    You people are TRASH. Pure trash. I have seen the most despicable things said by you haters about his wife and KIDS even. Now his MOTHER?

    The President must be doing something very right if disgusting is the best you can come up with.

    This is my response to the racist right attacking Obama for “using Children” as a prop. I admit it’s pathetic, but THIS wasn’t:

    So, I suppose no one here remembers George W’s political ads featuring clips from 9/11?

    Gun toters used children for Target practice and you blame the President for doing everything in his power to gain support (not from you, obviously). These “idiot parents” are trying to save their children. What have you done for that cause except argue vulgarly for unrestrained gun usage. You make no sense.

    Obama a coward? No. I say the cowards are those who hold their rights so absolutist that they can not or will not consider the well-being of others. It is not only a cowardly philosophy of life it is selfish, self-centered and self-serving. In the end it should leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who believe in reason and moderation.

    Anyone who calls Obama a scum, a coward, or a POS is a scumbag racist! lowlife is calling the president Obama Hitler.

    let me know when he kills 11 million people. then we’ll talk. calling him Hitler is offensive to anyone who had family who was affected by the real Hitler And disgusting!

    I’ve been saying this since Barack Obama became President! Anyone who hates Barack Obama are racist. They hate him because he’s black!

    He isn’t a fraud
    He isn’t a traitor
    He isn’t a dictator, if he was it wouldn’t matter what Congress does. Perhaps you don’t know what the term dictator means.

    The President was born in Hawaii so is not illegal
    The President loves America. Where else could someone with his background can become President
    There is no evidence of voter fraud. Obama won FAIR AND SQUARE!

    Narcissism is not an impeachable offense so even if the President is a narcissist that isn’t impeachable.

    He is not mentally ill.
    He is NOT evil, in fact I think his is good at heart.

    You mean the President released the name of a CIA Agent endangering the lives of many US contacts around the world? Oh, excuse me, that was the Bush administration
    The President was born in Hawaii which makes him an American
    The Presidents Cabinet is full of white men. He doesn’t hate White people
    You have no idea what the word usurper means do you? He won two elections for President
    The President is rebuilding America and the economy following the neglect and incompetence of President Bush, Not destroying it!
    You obviously have no idea what Marxism and Communism means since the President isn’t even close to either of those.
    The President isn’t a liar. But even if he was that is not a high crime or misdemeanor required to rise to an impeachable offense.
    The President is coming after the assault weapons and high capacity magazines. State laws can’t work when all the criminal has to do is going to a neighboring state with weaker laws and pick up one at a gun show without any background check.
    Federal laws are needed. And no one is going to take your hand gun.

    He is a Christian, NOT a Muslim!

    the GOP, known by almost all Americans as either the “Party of NO” or alternatively, as the “Party of Stupid” gets a pass for the divisiveness that they’ve poisoned the process, is that right?

    This is another case of blaming Obama for the damages YOU racist righties caused! you’re partially correct; he is the most hated man ever….by racists, bigots, most southerners, the KKK, and all the right-wing nuts out there, including you. But he is liked and respected by a whole lot more people. In fact, although he won 53% of the popular vote, the latest Gallup poll shows that his approval is at 58%! He is hated because he is black!

    the continuous attempt by the white far-right in Congress to shut down the government rather than work with our black president has a lot to do with racism.

    The election of a black President not just once but twice and resoundingly the second time has unhinged many on the far right.


    Lone Highwayman January 25, 2013

    I am going to take one sentence from your article that completely invalidates your entire…whatever point it is you are trying to make.

    “Non- Americans” – people who are not originally from America.

    Sunshine…the only people who are “originally from America”…are Native Americans. And we white folks took their guns away loooong ago.



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