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  • Libs are Proud of America?

    by Founder on January 22, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    This shows exactly just how anti-American and or stupid the liberals are.

    Real non government manipulated unemployment is at about 20% and climbing.

    Deficit at $16 TRILLION and climbing.

    No budget in 4+ years.

    Blatant corruption in the White House.

    Federal government now littered with anti-American Marxists – appointed by Obama.

    Military spending being gutted – and four star Generals being released.

    Fast and Furious gun running operation into Mexico – led by Obama and Holder.

    Obama funneling money to radical Muslim groups.

    Chrysler now making Jeeps in China (Romney ridiculed for the accusation).

    The GM “bailout deal” cost the tax payers BILLIONS!

    Obama pushed through his socialized Health Care program – to control the people NOT to make Health Care more affordable.

    Obama has insisted on raising taxes on the “wealthy” – which he has done.

    No spending cuts done or in sight.

    47 million people on food stamps and growing.

    Obama is now attacking the 2nd Amendment – he wants to disarm the American people.

    Michelle Obama hates America and all it stands for – yet she continues to live the life of a Queen – financed by America.

    Housing prices have plummeted under Obama.

    Those collecting “entitlements” from the Federal government now number over 100 million.

    “Stimulus” programs did nothing for the economy and the Federal government doesn’t even know where the money went – well over a Trillion dollars.

    Obama has blood on his hands through all the drone strikes he has issued throughout the world.

    Obama has blood on his hands from the four Americans killed in the Benghazi fiasco.

    The Obama’s spent $1.4 BILLION on themselves in the first Presidential term – 100% theft.

    Obama has issued hundreds of Executive Orders – thus bypassing Congress.

    Obama has issued 23 “Executive Orders” trying to attack the 2nd Amendment and gun rights.

    Obama has ZERO proof as to where he was actually born – the libs will believe anything he shows them.

    Obama uses a stolen SS number from Connecticut and the media has NEVER questioned him about this.

    The Federal government is attempting to control the media – just about as Marxist as it gets.

    Yet through all of this – the liberals – because of their mental limitations – still support Obama!

    The liberals support Obama now MORE than they have in the past! This is the sickness that is “liberalism” and entitlements.

    How can this be? How can actual Americans support what an America hating Marxist is doing?

    The answer:

    These people are “proud” of America – simply because they have no clue what America really stands for.

    These people are NOT true Americans.

    About half of the people in America right now aren’t even Americans! They were not raised and brought up in America. Look at those in the media – most are NOT Americans!

    They are from other countries – coming to America in the hopes of sucking off the tax payers – in the hopes of living in America for “free” – all at the expense of the hard working true Americans who are already here and who were born here.

    But these people are the Obama’s voters! These people make up the people who voted for Obama!

    This is clearly why – only those who pay taxes should be able to vote!

    Otherwise THIS is what happens – you get a Marxist asshole who wants to destroy America – and all he has to do is give away freebies to the liberal losers and they will vote for him!

    Obama’s voters say they like America – but they “like” the America that they know – the one that gives them free food, free money, free legal care, free Health Care, free housing and hundreds of other “free” give away programs – THIS is the America they like.

    These people would NOT like the real America – the one that holds each person accountable for their own lives – make your own money, pay for your own food, pay for your own health care, pay for your own house or apartment – if you do nothing, you get nothing!

    Obama’s voters cannot live in this type of America – they would be helpless and worthless – they can only live in a land where they are taken care of!

    I say – “SLASH entitlements, deport all illegals and leave this great country to the Americans”! If you want to live here – then apply for citizenship, get in line and wait to be accepted – the legal way!

    If this were the case, if these two things were actually done? Obama would NEVER have been elected! We would NOT have a deficit and America’s economy would be booming!

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    We must forge on and make our own America.

    Yes, the liberals hate America and yes, most of them are uneducated, lazy idiots – but we now live among them – we must forge on.

    God bless America.

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    Questiondude January 23, 2013

    As expected the hateful scumbags who HATE Obama ARE the biggest racists in American History.
    I didn’t watch the Inauguration yesterday, but I slept till 3pm. All the others who are “glad” that they didn’t watch it are, racists and bigots. That’s what people who hate Obama are…racists and bigots. What’s even more disgusting is that YOU have the galls to call yourselves “Patriots” when you are nothing of the sort. What you ACTUALLY are racists! What you ACTUALLY are bigots, What you ACTUALLY are black haters. What you ACTUALLY are hypocrites

    AAND what’s even more disgusting is that you racists get pissed when Most of America are happy over the First Black President. you cancervatives created prompting a President as of God, you racists think it’s blasphemous to compare ANYONE to your Right-wing God, Ronald Reagan. That shows how pathetic you racists are!

    Obama lies less, not more than most politicians. He does present things in a light hopefully (for him) to gain the greatest amount of votes. That’s the game all politicians play.

    When a Democrat like Obama goes on the offensive. The conservative racists and idiots out there call it “campaigning.” Campaigning without trolling for votes? Maybe you should seek help!

    Those who say he is a communist, Marxist or even socialist do not even know what those things are. Is he a Muslim? No, that’s just those who do not want a democrat, or even a black, to be president. Does he hate America or is trying to destroy America, or is an Anti-American? No! again that is the lies the right is saying. Didn’t you listen to his inauguration speech? wait, you didn’t people you’re a racist! We, the people. Doesn’t sound anti-American or hateful to me. Is he a fraud or a ‘man-child’? no that’s the right that is.

    Should He be impeached???? He has done nothing to even merit that. All the things which the right claims are things which they were okay with when a republican president did the same things. They are only upset with Obama because he is a democrat. They hated Clinton also. They would hate Reagan to if they really looked at what he did during his administration, instead of picking some items and neglecting the rest.

    Obama is a politician. He is told what to do, what to say and where to go. Get with the times, you pathetic racist! Just because A President doesn’t follow your brain-dead racist right-wing idelogoy does NOT mean he hates America, It means you are just a pathetic brain-dead racist!

    He is NOT a criminal, nor a Narcissist, has he committed voter fraud! Obama won fair and square! Why can’t you racists accept that?

    Ob’s such a “SCOAMF” he grad Harvard Law and passed his bars and practiced law and beat the “war hero,” John McCain & Simple Sarah. Got Bin Laden. The white supremacists of the GOP Base reek of envy and desperation.

    Is Barack Obama a monster?
    he is human
    Is Barack Obama destroying America?
    no, or is unemployment going down and stock market up destroying america??

    Lighten up. You are out of your league. You racists are pathetic!

    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!


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