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  • The Quiet President

    by Founder on February 6, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Anyone heard from Obama lately?

    Don’t worry – you won’t. He is busy destroying the country and the middle class.

    Obama has no need to speak to the American people – he despises what the American people believe and stand for.

    This is the Presidency he wanted – his second term.

    The mask can now be taken off. He doesn’t need to please anybody – except himself and those who support Communism.

    Obama is working hard – behind the scenes.

    He doesn’t need to appease anyone any more. He is President and he knows it – for the next four years.

    During his second four years Obama will be working as hard as he can to destroy all that is America.

    Obama wants to destroy the American culture, language, borders, economy, spirit, enthusiasm, military defenses, the dollar and the Constitution.

    Everything he does and everyone he appoints is done with this in mind – to destroy America. This is what he has learned and what he has been taught.

    This is the quiet Presidency.

    No need for public speeches or State of the Union speeches or posturing to appease the tax payers.

    Obama is a lame duck for this entire term. He could care less that most Americans are struggling from pay check to pay check – this is all part of the sick Communist plan – that the loser Obama is so in love with.

    The best thing the House and the Congress can do is grid lock. Lock up everything – do not let Obama implement any of his anti-American policies – tie the dude up. Vote against anything and everything that is Obama.

    Obama had this attack on the 2nd Amendment planned for his second term.

    First it was the Health care plan and the it is the 2nd Amendment – two very broad goals for a Marxist and Obama is going to do all he can to achieve both.

    Obama wants nothing to do with Congress. He perceives them as a waste of time.

    Obama wants nothing to do with the House of Representatives – he could care less about them – they are just a nuisance to him.

    This is the quiet Presidency.

    Obama will “govern” from the Oval Office. He does not believe he needs others to assist in his decisions – he wishes to rule by Executive Order and executive Order only.

    Obama has issued hundreds of Executive orders since being in office and just recently released 23 more concerning gun control. What do you think about that? And what will you do about this?

    Obama is busily working behind the scenes at stealing the future of your child.

    Obama is busy plotting how to get around the Constitution.

    Obama is plotting how he can disarm America and leave us at the mercy of a Dictatorship/Police State.

    Obama wants to leave America broken, broke and demoralized.

    This is who Obama is.

    Get ready for a very quiet next four years.

    You will not hear much from Obama. He is very busy.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard in the fight against all that is Obama.

    Join us if you are for Capitalism, American values, kindness, acceptance, innovation, freedom, the Constitution and our sacred Declaration of Independence.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Questionman February 6, 2013

    spoken like a true racist hick asshole! He has done racist acts but he has not hit the bar for being racist. Most people have perform racist act, but Obama’s act are far more reaching.
    He’s not gay.
    He wish he was a dictator.
    He has not been caught doing anything significant illegal, but I’m sure has broken the law.
    He’s not a commie, marxist or socialist.
    He has not been found to have committed a crime signifcant enough to be impeached.

    you racist pricks are wrong to call Obama a liar!

    I was right, you racists NEVER learn. that’s why America didn’t vote for the racist right in 2012, and they will NEVER ever vote for the racist right EVER again!

    Is Barack Obama a traitor to America? No. A traitor by definition would be to commit treasonous acts and as much as some people don’t like him, no one is pursuing any action to legal categorize him as such.

    Can Barack Obama be impeached? No because there are no grounds for it.

    Is Barack Obama destroying America? No and here’s the most important thing to remember. The president may be the most powerful person in the free world but the Speaker of the House decides when and what gets voted upon day to day. That power sets the course on the countries direction and the votes set it in stone. The President signs into law or vetos which sends it back down.

    You people are racist, bigoted losers!


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