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  • 2013 State of the Union

    by Founder on February 14, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    A complete disaster! Only a lib would think things are fine!

    Somehow a Marxist has weaseled himself into the office of the Presidency of the United States – and is intent on destroying all that is and was America.

    The State of the Union is a disaster.

    Obama has divided the country into two – in many ways.

    The blacks against the whites.

    The rich against the poor.

    The Republicans against the Democrats.

    The have’s against the have nots.

    For Obama it is all about dividing the country and capturing at least half of the votes in order to remain in power – which he has done.

    State of the Union according to Americans for the Constitution:

    Housing – a disaster – as prices have plunged since Obama first took office in 2008.

    Food Stamps – 11,000 new recipients a day! 48 million and counting.

    SSI – over 8 million receiving “disability” compensation each month – most of these are a scam from people who have zero desire to work.

    Unemployment – Obama keeps extending the unemployment compensation – year after year – further putting huge upward pressure on the already “out of control” deficit.

    22 million unemployed currently in the United States of America! This is insane in the land of opportunity and entrepreneurs!

    Unemployment is at least 15% – but the government will spin the records to have their voters believe everything is OK – a sick Marxist move. And a lib will believe anything Obama tells them – this is how gullible and stupid they are.

    The deficit is over $16 Trillion! Incredible and unsustainable – but true.

    We owe Communist countries over $1.2 Trillion.

    Obama has a complete disconnect between himself and the governing bodies of the Federal government – he does not deal with Congress or the House – he rules by his “executive orders”.

    The Federal Reserve is printing money out of control – buying up $85 Billion in securities every month in the stock market!

    Inflation – massive inflation is inevitable.

    The entitlement mentality in the country has exponentially gotten worse while Obama has been in office.

    His “voters” are low information, entitlement receiving government leeches who have no clue what America is really about – they would rather have a mediocre existence based on whatever the government will give them for free.

    Welfare is a sad existence – one that forever enslaves its recipients in the chains of mediocrity as they will never climb out of the hole the government has thrown them into – amounting to a systematic robbing of their innovation, enthusiasm, ambition and desire.

    Every state in the union is in the red with regards to their pensions and health care programs. The governments are paying out more to those who have already retired than to those actually working and paying tax dollars.

    It is just a matter of time before the states begin to go belly up – save a few hard core conservative run states. This is a disaster just waiting to happen.

    The unfunded liabilities of the country amount to over $122 Trillion! This is covering Social Security, Medicare and the Prescription Drug program put into place by Bush.

    These liabilities alone guarantee that our country is bankrupt and will go further into bankruptcy as the years go by.

    How long can it actually be sustained before the entire economy collapses? And the dollar collapses in value?

    Obama and other Marxist government employees are now intent on stripping America of the 2nd Amendment – which in turn will topple the 1st Amendment – this is their plan.

    Illegal immigration is out of control as different states welcome them with open arms – offering for them to get on the tax payer dole and collect “free” money, food and health insurance.

    Obama just wants to give them all citizenship with the stroke of a pen – putting them all on the government dole – and adding another 15 million “voters” to the Marxist favoring Obama base.

    Benghazi information shows that Obama was no where in sight and could care less that four Americans died that September 11 night in 2012. For this alone Obama should be impeached and hung out to dry.

    Our Republican politicians supposedly representing “We the People” have no balls and do not seem to want to stand up against the Marxist – even though he is destroying America right in front of everyone’s eyes.

    Taxes keep going up robbing the private sector and the middle class of even more money.

    Obama was obsessed with raising taxes on “the rich” as he pitted those with money against his voter base – a shrewd yet sick Marxist move to get votes.

    Business regulations keep getting piled on as the Obama regime does all it can to strangle small business and innovation – a classic Marxist move.

    The Federal government is growing by leaps and bounds. The pay level for Federal employees is much higher than that of the private sector – this, of course, used to be the other way around.

    Government waste is staggering – accounting for BILLIONS every month and year. Yet nothing is done about this – the government is out of control with spending money – money they do not have.

    Finally – no budget since Obama has taken office.

    No budget in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2013.

    Does this completely disgust anyone else? They are spending your money! Do you care how they spend it? They are stealing from you and plundering the hard working American people right in front of your eyes! Wake up!

    The politicians in control of what is happening to the United States should be thrown out of office and thrown into jail. These disgusting vagrants need to be publicly flogged and caned – then thrown back into their dingy cell.

    How dare they destroy my country.

    How dare they destroy what America stands for.

    No punishment is too severe for these despicable human beings.

    In a just society Obama would be paraded through the streets in shackles as the American people celebrate the taking back of our country and the ridding of Obama and his America hating wife from Washington forever.

    The State of the Union is a disaster. Thanks Hussein Obama – you certainly have left your mark.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Join us if you believe in Capitalism, small government, a balanced budget, the Constitution, freedom, the Declaration of Independence and all the liberties our military has fought and died for over the past 200+ years.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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