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  • Welfare is the Devil

    by Founder on February 23, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Socialism is the devil.

    Marxism is the devil.

    The idea of Socialism and Marxism is that it drains the human being of their God given traits – such as, innovation, ambition, entrepreneurial feelings,  hope, the desire to improve ones financial situation and independence.

    Socialism is what Obama wants. Marxism is what Obama wants.

    Do you want this?

    Welfare is the devil. It robs people of their “American” attitude.

    America is NOT about sitting back, getting paid a measly amount of money from the government and being happy with it.

    America is not about depending on someone else for your existence, housing, food, money and happiness.

    America is about striving to be the best you can be.

    America is about trying to better your lot in life and to pass on a better opportunity to your children. It used to be this way – but it is not any more.

    Do you think America’s future holds more opportunity than we enjoyed in the past?

    Socialism/Marxism and its pushers are doing the best they can to transform “America” into a nation filled with non Americans – most of whom have no desire to work or better their financial situation – they merely want to leech off a corrupt government that will give them money for “free” – as long as they vote for them/him.

    This is the monster that is Socialism/Marxism and its life blood - welfare.

    America was made and formed from the 1700′s to the 1960′s or so – as she transformed herself into an economic powerhouse and a land where those could come and pursue their dreams.

    A country know for job opportunities, family values, independence and good caring people.

    It was after this sustained period of economic growth and freedom that “liberalism” began to poison the Federal and local governments – weaving its way into positions of power like a snake slithering in the night.

    These politicians felt and feel that it is the governments responsibility to support and pay for its citizens! But how are they to do this?

    Very simple – there is to be a class of people who do not work and suck off the government and there is a class of people who do work – who provide the money to the government to pay for these people – this money is in the form of taxes.

    So who is each side going to vote for?

    The side not working, not being required to work and who is leeching – will vote for the Marxist/Socialist who is giving them the “free money”. Duh.

    Those working hard to better their lives – the ones who are paying the taxes – will NOT vote for politicians who think like this.

    So – if the politicians in charge can get more people on the government dole than not – then they can win their elections – by simply trading the free money for their vote.

    It’s as simple as that – Marxism and Socialism in a nutshell – with all their sickness in full view.

    Ironically, those a-holes in charge under Socialism would NEVER want to live under this type of rule – but they will gladly impose it on others!

    These “leaders” benefit tremendously by stealing the available money for their own use – the same type of money that they blast “the rich” for having – yet the hypocrite politicians  live like kings right in front of the voters eyes.

    This is all welfare – welfare is the devil.

    These same politicians say they do it for “the best interest of all” – and the idiots believe them – but instead they are chaining them into a life of miserable mediocrity – only achieving a level of “success” that the government allows them to  – all the while the corrupt Socialist and Marxist politicians are spending the millions on themselves.

    It is only human nature that these politicians want more and more people on the government dole so that they can remain in power and be able to continue – their rape and pillage of the hard working tax payers.

    This is why they now want to take our guns away.

    They want even more control over you. This is how sick they are.

    There are many questions to be answered:

    Just “how much will you take”?

    What are you willing to do about this? How far are you willing to go?

    Is there anything we can do to stop Obama and his sick anti-American supporters?

    Will this end with blood shed as “We the People” attempt to defend the greatness of our country?

    Is this why the government has purchased over 1 Billion rounds of ammo in the past 2 years? Or are they just trying to buy up all the bullets as a form of gun control?

    You can see that Socialism/Marxism has many sick and demented facets to it – and Obama is showing us them all.

    Welfare is the death of America – this form of government thinking and action will not last and has failed where ever and when ever it has been tried before.

    Many times it ends in blood as the people clash against the government.

    No one would ever have thought this would happen in our great country – but it now may.

    A sick Marxist has weaseled himself into the Presidency and has dragged with him his supporters who are just as sick and anti-American.

    So what will happen? Will the military fight against “We the People”?

    Isn’t the military made up of young adults whose parents grew up here in America and love their country?

    How then would the military fire shots against its own American citizens?

    These are questions that only come about because of Socialism, Marxism and a President who HATES America and all she stands for.

    America is in trouble and the only way out is to win the election of the Presidency with a person who loves America, Capitalism, entrepreneurs, freedom, small government and independence.

    Having a person at the helm who loves his or her country is far better than having someone at the helm who is trying to destroy it.

    Yet, the Democrat machine is in full swing getting as many on the government dole as they can – and sickly enough – this is the only way they can get votes – by paying for them.

    These people have no ideals, principles, character, morals or spirit – they are empty atheists who simply hate America and selfishly want to see her destroyed – all within their lifetime.

    These are liberals. Obama’s useful idiots – which includes most of the media as well.

    How are we to beat this machine?

    Unfortunately, the pool of true Americans seems to be getting dwarfed by the pool of those getting “free” government payouts. So how are we to stop this? I do not know if it can be stopped.

    The only way out of this is inevitable - massive civil unrest (which Obama is ready for) and a total reset of the economy and the political leaders – there is no other way out.

    During this needed reset - entitlements/welfare will be cut drastically and those who got their freebies will be cut off – causing the civil unrest.

    Then other actual Americans would find that they will now have to fend for themselves – make their own money and provide for themselves.

    But I know they can do it – they can better their own situation and achieve whatever they want – it is only the government who is telling them that they cannot.

    America, unfortunately, needs this reset.

    I have a new born son – what kind of America am I leaving to him?

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you love America and all she represents.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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