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  • Obama the Assassin

    by Founder on March 7, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    The President of the United States believes it is OK to kill an American citizen – in America – just because he wants to – without due process of law.

    It is clear the Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim tyrant who deeply and passionately hates America.

    Obama hates true patriotic Americans and the white middle class.

    Obama hates all that America stands for – Capitalism, freedom, independence, innovation, ambition and businesses making profits!

    Obama hates the Constitution and its evil white creators.

    It is well known that Obama has killed thousands around the world with his drone attacks – now he wants to set his sights on American citizens.

    Those among the already dead include civilians and children – but do the pathetic liberals cry over these deaths? No they do not. They only cry over deaths that will advance their sad agenda of Socialism and Marxism.

    The Obama administration is doing all it can to take over the American people and render them harmless.

    Just nominated and got sworn in as head of the CIA – John Brennan – a devout Muslim – why?

    The DHS has been buying up billions of bullets – why?

    The DHS just purchased 2700 special armored tanks – why?

    The DHS is buying up prisons across America – why?

    The purchase of 30,000 drones for use in the US – why?

    The recent purging of high ranking military personnel – why?

    And many Muslims now working in high ranking positions within the Federal government – why?

    At what point do the American people realize what is going on here? It is quite obvious.

    Does it appear that Obama is planning Marshall Law in America?

    Does it appear to you that he is preparing for massive civil unrest?

    At what point are “We the People” able to yank Obama from the White House and throw him in jail for his treasonous actions?

    How much more obvious does the government’s and Obama’s hatred for American citizens have to be?

    Why are “We the People” allowing the Obama’s to remain in power?

    And what is to be done with the complicit clueless media?

    CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC are all complicit in the government takeover of the American people – as well as the massive cover up as to exactly who Obama is. What is to be done with these anti-American organizations?

    When will the American people wake up? Is it when the tanks are actually rolling in the streets?

    And will the USEFUL IDIOT Obama supporters finally wake up when the tanks are rolling in the streets? Or will they still support the fraud who is Obama?

    With the use of the cowardly drones, Obama believes he can kill anyone he wants to kill – and for any reason he wants. This is how sick and demented Obama is.

    He believes he can sign some Executive Order for whatever he wants – and it automatically becomes law.

    You don’t agree with the Obama’s Marxist  policies? You can be labeled a “terrorist” and be put on Obama’s kill list.

    If you talk or write negatively about Obama and his policies – you may be put on Obama’s kill list.

    So just what is it – that has happened to our America? How did the true Americans lose control of their country?

    How is it that we have let this sick tyrant get away with so much bull shit?

    Why hasn’t anyone challenged this anti-American freak?

    The longer Obama is in office – the worse it gets.

    America is sinking deep into a police state of unprecedented proportions  and it is happening right in front of the tax payer’s eyes.

    This is a Communist takeover from within of our great country.

    Obama needs to be immediately impeached for his crimes against America. He needs to be tried in a court of law for his crimes and thrown in jail to rot for the rest of his life.

    How dare this man try to destroy America!

    It is Obama’s hatred for America and his anti-American policies that are responsible for already ruining millions of lives – and he could care less – he is only trying to advance his agenda and if it means ruining lives of millions in the process then so be it.

    Therefore I say – “let’s ruin his life”.

    Both Obama ‘s are sick with their poison of American hatred.

    They are robbing the Treasury of millions every month to finance their life of royalty – while true Americans toil at their jobs everyday, struggling to make ends meet. But the sad and confused liberals cheer this on.

    America needs a voice – a leader.

    “We the People” need someone to stand up and challenge Obama on everything he is doing.

    Rand Paul did a great job the other day railing against Obama’s desired use of drones. We need this voice. We need more to speak up this way and make a stand against the mad rush towards Socialism and Marxism.

    This is a matter of national defense and security. We need our military to remove Obama from office and restore the Constitution back into power.

    Obama is trying to transform our great country into a trash heap – a country of government dependent robots with no desire to better themselves – all awash in a government controlled police state with no freedoms or independence.

    Is this the America you want to live in? And leave to your kids?

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you are alarmed that Obama wants to kill American citizens by the use of his drones.

    Join us if you are against Obama and all that he stands for.

    Join us if you believe Obama is a fraud and should be thrown in jail.

    There is no more time to waste – we must rid Washington of the Obama’s forever!

    God bless America.

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