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  • Obama’s Jail Release Fiasco

    by Founder on March 16, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    In one of his sickest moves yet, President Barack Hussein Obama has officially released over 2000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from jail.

    These are illegals who have already proven that they cannot function in society and now Obama is unleashing them all upon society once again.

    Obama the sick Marxist simply looks at them as voters – they represent many in his “base”.

    Other tyrant dictators have done the same – now Obama can officially put himself in that club as well – with the likes of Hitler, Fidel Castro, Nicolae Ceausescu and Saddam Hussein. Such a pleasant bunch.

    This was all done by Obama – to “punish” the GOP and the American people because the “sequestration” was allowed to occur – the “sequestration” of automatic spending cuts – that Obama himself came up with.

    These are the dirty game, low life type of politics that the sick Obama does all the time. He is clearly a low life wannabe who somehow weaseled himself into a position of great power.And now he is trying to spread his trash on all the vulnerable minds in this country.

    This is another impeachable offense committed by the tyrant Obama – so who is going to stand up against these actions?

    Just how much does Obama have to do before “We the People” are fed up? When will we simply rush the White House throwing Obama out on his ass?

    This is an egregious crime against the American people – putting the millions of hard working tax payers at immediate risk – all by this release of illegal immigrant jail birds into society.

    Obama is by far the worst President in American history and the first president who truly HATES America.

    Everything he does is designed to strip America of “America”.

    To release 2000 illegal immigrant criminals on the American public – just because he wants to – is a sick move. It is a child like move – the move of a spoiled brat who can’t get his way.

    Obama has a lot of courage when he is hiding behind his guards and hiding in the White House – but without those guards he is a pathetic weak coward.

    Obama needs to be thrown in jail.

    Obama needs to be immediately impeached.

    Who shall rise up and begin proceedings to rid Obama and his wife from Washington forever?

    In other countries he would be tried and hung for his crimes against the country – but, here in America, he will get off with a slap on the wrist – he needs to be impeached and thrown in jail – his life spared.

    Please join us here at American for the Constitution as we do all we can to get this coward tyrant dictator thrown out of Washington, along with anyone who supports his crap, anti-American policies.

    God bless America.

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    Joeeoe March 16, 2013

    I. was. right!
    YOU ARE A HATEFUL, BIGOTED, RACIST! You and the entire cancervative movement are the modern version of the KKK. Racists to the core. Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS a bigot, IS a racist! of this there can be NO doubt!

    Calling Obama a “socialist dictator” is amazingly ignorant., but then again, you are amazingly ignorant racists!

    “Is Barack Obama a traitor to America?” No, he is the current U.S. President and had to pass
    many background checks with different govt. agencies such as
    the CIA, FBI, ATF, Secret Service, etc to get into office
    and take an oath against America’s enemy’s.

    “Is Barack Obama a Narcissist?”
    President Obama volunteered as a community organizer
    in the Chicago area, including the Catholic Church for
    8 parishes for 3 years during the 1980′s, it’s also on his Wiki
    profile, he could have been making money on Wall Street but
    chose not to

    “Is Barack Obama a psycopath?”
    He is following many of GWB’s policy’s but
    is also helping people out as Jesus would so no.

    “Is Barack Obama a usurper?”
    No he is simply a U.S. President voted into office by the
    American public.

    Is Barack Obama an evil man?” No, he got Osama Bin Laden and ended two wars!
    “Is Barack Obama a Muslim?” No, he is a Christian.

    “Does Barack Obama hate America?”
    Why would he become President if he hates America? No.

    “Is Barack Obama destroying America?” No, America was almost destroyed by 9/11 and GWB though.

    “Is Barack Obama a Marxist?” No, he is a liberal Democrat.
    “Is Barack Obama a communist?” No, he is again a liberal Democrat.

    the racist right call Obama a Marxist, a socialist, a Communist, a Muslim because they can’t call him a N-word! That’s what they mean! They can’t stand having a black in office. that this the cold hard truth!

    The biggest threat and disgrace to our country is ignorant bigoted fools. You should be stripped of your right to vote until you learn to accept reality for what it is and stop throwing around conspiracy theories. They still don’t understand that HALF of this country DON’T hate having a black man as President, half of this country aren’t as racist or a bigoted as they are.


    Joeeoe March 16, 2013

    P.S. George Bush is STILL And ALWAYS will be the worst! Anyone who calls Obama that is a racist retard!


    Phillip April 12, 2013

    Obama is a jerk, no doubt.
    If we are going to punish illegal immigrant supporters then I guess we should dig up Ronald Reagan’s body and put him on trial for giving 1.5 million illegals amnesty.


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