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  • Liberalism Caused Boston Bombings

    by Founder on April 17, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Isn’t it obvious?

    The massive push towards liberalism has caused the attacks on America – including the recent two explosions at the Boston Marathon.

    The stupid liberals want anyone and everyone to have a free pass to come to America.

    The stupid liberals want illegal immigrants to flood America unabated. The liberals view these people as important to expanding their voting base – this is how stupid and anti-American the liberals are.

    The stupid liberals don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – they don’t want all these immigrants to “feel bad”.

    The stupid liberals are willing to let anyone into America – no matter where they are from, what they have done or how they perceive America.

    If you are a Muslim who hates America and you have voiced your feelings about your hatred for America! The stupid liberals welcome you here with open arms – this is just how stupid the liberals are.

    Liberalism has destroyed all of the greatness of America.

    Liberalism has erased the border control in this country and opened our borders to everyone and anyone – this is how stupid thew liberals are.

    The liberals don’t care – they will be dead and gone in 50-100 years – so why should they care right?

    They only want “theirs” while they are here and around to enjoy it. After they are gone – it doesn’t matter to them – they will not be around to witness the destruction of their policies – this is just how stupid these liberals are.

    The liberals only want to stay in power. They cater to each and every “special interest” group – forming their policies based on each individual group’s needs – no matter how small the group.

    Liberalism does NOT look out for the culture, borders and language of America – in fact all it does is push it out and further dilute the “real” America.

    The Boston explosions were done by Muslims or those affiliated with the Muslim theology – those who hate America.

    The Boston explosions were done by people the stupid liberals welcomed here with open arms.

    If the borders were tightened up and all ILLEGALS were rightly booted from our great country – crime would plummet and things like this recent event simply would not occur.

    But because of Obama’s very tight ties to the Muslim world and his dedication to the Muslims – all Muslims are allowed in – primarily for the reason to destroy America – and Obama knows this – Obama orchestrates this.

    If America was filled with “Americans” – people who loved America and her culture – then this kind of crap would not occur – the budget would be balanced – the deficit would be a shell of what it now is and “America” would still be America – not a cesspool of illegals walking around leeching off the tax payers and causing crime to sky rocket – but this is how stupid the liberals are.

    Liberalism is directly responsible for the bombings in Boston. Everything about liberalism supports these types of bombings.

    Don’t believe the “outrage” felt by Obama. He could care less.

    All Obama is concerned with is the destruction of America and all that we hold dear.

    Remember – “never let a good crisis go to waste” – these were the words of Rahm Emmanuel – Obama’s right hand man for quite some time – you can count on it – the stupid liberals and Obama will NOT let this “crisis” go to waste.

    The liberals and Obama will capitalize on these explosions and further tighten the government noose around the middle class and the tax payers of America.

    Liberalism is trying to convert America into a “police state” – with heightened government control over every aspect of society – and they use incidents like this to spread their fear and control.

    The liberals will explain that we now need “more cameras”, more security check points, more pat downs and more surveillance – all leading to the further break down of our Bill of Rights and our great Constitution.

    Liberalism caused the flooding of America with people who hate America – people who do not want to work – people who want to hurt other people and people who want to destroy all that made America great.

    This is the sickness that is “liberalism” and the sickness that is Obama.

    Please join us here if you are against liberalism and all the destruction it has caused.

    Sign in if you love our great country and you are against all that is Obama.

    Join us if you are against the liberals and for the greatness of America.

    Join us if you want to capture America back and once again restore the Constitution to power.

    Join us if you want Obama thrown in jail for his many treasonous crimes against America.

    Join Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. Help us stamp out the stupidity that is liberalism.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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