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  • Obama’s FAA Scam

    by Founder on April 27, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Obama is at it again – his hatred and disdain for the American people is in full view.

    As part of the “sequestration” scam that he thought up – Obama has now cut funding to the FAA – which has resulted in flight delays across the country.

    This is such a cheap sophomoric trick, it is sickening.

    He tried to scare America into thinking these cuts would be devastating – but when they actually occurred – nothing changed! No one noticed!

    So he had to make the people notice – Obama had to do something to give the appearance that the cuts were very bad.

    He is a sick Marxist with the mind of a child.

    Obama should be paraded in front of the tax payers and punished for his many crimes and misdeeds against the hard working people of this great country.

    His plan is to eventually blame these flight delays on the Republicans – so the idiots that vote for him will vote for him again – in the sense that the 2014 Senate elections will keep the Democrats in power in the Senate.

    This is how sickening this all is – it is all political – nothing else.

    Obama exists only as a political machine to crush the Republicans and ensure that Democrats remain in control – through all of time.

    Obama is only a political tool – he is nothing more.

    Yet while he is playing this role he and Michelle are robbing the taxpayers of millions every month as they live the lifestyle of the rich and famous – even though they are merely petty thieves who hate this great country.

    The “sequester” is all political BS maneuvering crap.

    Obama could care less about the actual people effected – his only concern is his political agenda and his hatred for the American system – while at the same time he hypocritically uses our monetary system every day to his and his families benefit.

    Obama is truly the lowest of the low – and should be in jail.

    Just to hurt the middle class – and the masses – the “low information” crowd (as Limbaugh perfectly puts it)  Obama has cut funding and forced flight delays which he will politically blame on the Republicans – this is the only reason he has done this.

    These funds did not have to be cut – this is ridiculous.

    Think of the tremendous waste and fraud that goes on every day in the Federal government and they say they “needed” to cut the FAA?

    Screw them! Screw Obama! You should and will someday be in jail for your actions and continued fraud.

    Why have the American people allowed this to happen? Look at how out of control this country is!

    Obama has infiltrated Muslims into every level of government and is succeeding at changing this country into a Muslim country!

    Obama must be stopped – at whatever cost!

    Obama is doing NOTHING to better the economy – or to better the lives of the hard working tax payers – nothing!

    Instead this man is plotting every day to destroy everything that America stands for and he has legions of people who agree with what he is doing!

    America has been infiltrated by millions of people who hate America! As hard as this is to believe – they hate they country while they live off of her benefits – go figure – for the most part these people are shallow atheists with no purpose in life – they merely suck off the government and produce nothing.

    Obama’s cheap FAA scam is pathetic – it shows who this loser is. It shows Obama’s true colors – a cheap dictator wannabe who loves American money but hates America – again, go figure.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution if you are against anything and everything that is Obama.

    Join us if you understand who Obama is and what he is trying to do.

    Join us to make your voice heard against Obama and all his cheap political tricks.

    Make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our great Constitution.

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