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  • Benghazi Obama Treason

    by Founder on May 9, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    That sums it up.

    The Benghazi hearings are going on right now and it is the questioners job to ferret out the truth – that Obama made a “stand down order” to allow the four Americans to be killed in cold blood – by HIS “acquaintances” – the Muslim Brotherhood/Saudi Arabia.

    Obama needs to go to jail for this treasonous action and sit right next to the sickening lib Hillary Clinton.

    This is an outrage and these people must fry.

    Obama is in very tight with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood has a stranglehold on the American government.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government at every level including the President of the United States.

    It is the goal of these Muslims to destroy the “infidels” – the Americans – the Capitalists – and instill Sharai Law throughout America.

    I have been screaming at the top of my lungs every since Obama first got elected that this guy is a Muslim. He is a Muslim sympathizer and a devout Muslim himself.

    Obama hates America. Every true American knows this, yet it is only the Obama USEFUL IDIOT libs who support him who refuse to recognize this.

    It is clear that Obama gave the “stand down” order on September 11, 2012 – the order that effectively guaranteed that the Americans in the Libya compound would be killed.

    He told the main stream media not to cover it – and if they did – he told them what to say – being sure not to let them say anything about a “terror attack”. This is how sick and against America Obama is.

    In addition, anyone who was there and really knows what happened – the Obama government is trying to intimidate them and silence them! This cannot be tolerated!

    This Muslim must go to jail and be punished for his many crimes against America.

    Obama plots with the Saudis. Obama plots with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Obama is a radical Islamist who has infiltrated the Presidency and has done so by keeping his voting base as stupid and clueless as he can – this is the only way he could get elected in – and he knows this.

    Barack Hussein Obama – a Muslim name 100%.

    A Muslim 100%.

    The main stream media and all the liberals out there need to snap out of the funk they are in. They need to wake up.

    A radical Muslim is President of the United States and the media is complicit in all that he does. Wake up people!

    We currently have no “main stream media” – they are not reporting actual news – they are promoting this Muslim agenda – and they are doing it knowing full well what they are doing.

    The Benghazi hearings are again showing that the Obama administration lied directly and purposely to the American people when they said the “cause” of the “attack” was a You Tube video.

    No one believed this except other libs and the USEFUL IDIOTS who voted for Obama. Everyone else in the country knew it was bull shit the minute Susan Rice was spewing the lie on TV.

    Obama actually wants to blame the terrorist attack on an American – who by the way – was arrested for the “video”.

    Obama is a sick wannabe tyrant who needs to be tossed in jail and forgotten about.

    “We the People” need to make sure that this treasonous action by Obama and Clinton MUST be punished and the truth MUST come out.

    It is our responsibility to all those who have fought and died for our great country.

    It is our responsibility to ensure that if there is wrong doings and treasonous actions by our own government that we must be able to ferret out the truth and prosecute those responsible.

    The Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are behind this all and “We the People” cannot allow these thugs to destroy our country and our children’s future.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us keep the Benghazi issue alive until Obama is either impeached or in jail.

    Please join us to ensure that America remain America and not be taken over by the radical Muslims.

    Please join us and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America.

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    Sevenfold May 9, 2013

    True American?!?! PLEASE!! You are NO true American, you are a True RACIST! That’s what you are! You are a True BIGOT! That’s what you are, and you are a True HATER! That’s what you are!

    If you want to speak about Presidential lies, you can’t go without mentioning George W. Bush.

    I mean seriously, he lied to Congress as well as the American people about going to war in Iraq, and thousands of U.S. men and women have been wounded and killed as a result. Those are facts.

    Instead, you want to continually push a conspiracy on Benghazi that has been disproved numerous times. How about all of the embassy and consulate attacks resulting in deaths that occurred under Bush. Shouldn’t those be receiving the same scrutiny? Or does he get a free pass because he’s white?

    You scumbags are just too busy falsely accusing President Obama of leading an “apology tour” during his early foreign trips. Anyone who objects to voter ID is an idiot Interesting statement coming from the dumbasses’ dumbass. that wants to see fair elections end in America. Elections were just fine in America. The cases of voter fraud were virtually nill. Screams of “voter fraud” didn’t show up until President Obama became president, however. I wonder why?? HMMMMM!!! IDs should be something that both sides could agree on Of course prove who you are…just like it was done prior to President Obama becoming president……………unless of course, you want to cheat. Oh…you mean like REAL voter fraud….like with that George W. Bush thingy in 2000 and in 2004?? Hmmmm.

    Interesting thing I have observed from you screwball right wingers. You want to make it more difficult for people to vote, but make it easier for people to get gunzzzz. Hmmmm. Why is that, skeeter??

    Benghazi was a disaster. But the reason that the President wasn’t impeached is because no one knows what happened. That is why there are still hearings and investigations going on. Here’s my (and most) liberals attitude on this. Show me proof. Show me proof that this administration lied, covered up, etc. anything that has to do with Benghazi and I will, as Jon Stewart said, “grab the pitchforks and torches with you.” And most liberals feel that way. But until you can come to the American people and say “This is the proof.” please stop with the accusations. I see a lot about the Constitution in these comments. So what happen to due process? “Innocent until proven guilty?” The burden of proof is on the accuser. And I have seen NOTHING that even comes close to a smoking gun.

    The same way Condoleezza Rice went on Sunday shows and talked about WMD’s (the ones we didn’t find and never existed) back during the Bush years. Double standard? And why are you paying so close attention to how the attack happened? “Was it terrorists or a group of protesters that got out of hand?” Who cares! The only thing that should matter is how we responded to it and why. And if you don’t think there is a political agenda here on the part of the Republicans to take a shot at the administration all while smearing Hilary to the best of their abilities for 2016… you are crazy.

    Show me proof that this President lied and covered up anything and I’ll agree and join you in the POTUS witch hunt. But you have NO CLUE what happened. Neither do I. And we are going to have how many hearings on it? And her quote was “What difference does it make AT THIS POINT?” And she’s right. Whether or not you think that this was terrorism or protests-gone-wrong or whatever happened there… it lead to 4 Americans deaths. Why does it matter if it was terrorism or if it was opportunistic protestors? Now if you’re saying that the administration had knowledge that it would happen and did nothing… that’s a different story. But what you seem to be arguing is that the motives of these people make a difference… and in this case… it doesn’t. 4 Americans are dead. THE END. And I’m not going to be ashamed of anything I say and never will be. Because you see me as a liberal, you for some reason read my “who cares?” as I don’t care that Americans died. You couldn’t be more wrong. The only reason you think this is some sort of conspiracy is because you want there to be one. Your (and every other WND reader) hatred for this President is so great, that you are itching at the thought of him getting caught hiding something or covering something up. So while I debunk this conspiracy… let me help you with a few more. Here are things President Obama is not: socialist, Marxist, communist, American hater, Monster, running for a 3rd term, declaring Sharia Law, coming for your guns, Muslim, Kenyan, gay or assisting the UN to create a New World Order. Sorry to burst your bubble. Just imagine this. What if he was just a President who was trying to his best for the country and was blocked every time he tried to accomplish something by the Republican Party? Imagine if every time you went to work and tried to get something done, some one else you didn’t like and didn’t agree with at your job (there’s always one) stopped you from doing it? How would you feel?


    ed January 9, 2014



    Andrew Shecktor January 7, 2015

    Phil Berg is back (yeah, THE Phil Berg); bigger, badder and better than ever, with his book which is soon to be out “ObamaScare,” and a new website at The liberal plants that are vanquishing incriminating evidence and making good American patriots like Phil look like lunatics need to be silenced. And it’s not about Obama’s citizenship – it is about all his illegal and unethical overturning of the laws and edicts of this country that make him a criminal. Everyone says it’s too late to impeach Obama. I say, no time is too late – even if it happens after he leaves office. An example needs to be made of him, and all his illegal, unethical laws and actions need to be overturned, and future Presidents need to know we won’t tolerate this. Courtesy


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