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  • Obama’s IRS Scandal

    by Founder on May 15, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    This, folks, is the icing on the cake.

    Obama is the lowest of the low.

    Obama has been, for the last 4 years – using the IRS as an attack dog on any individual or group that is against his Marxist form of government – up to 500 different groups as of this writing.

    Obama is using the IRS as a weapon against the American tax payer. This man needs to pay for these crimes against “We the People” – for this action he needs to be impeached and thrown in jail.

    What does Obama say about it? “I didn’t know until now” - “I had nothing to do with this” – yeah sure Obama. Same crap he said about Benghazi – same shit different day.

    What is the reaction from his “supporters”?

    The stupid libs will defend him to the death – but one of these days these USEFUL IDIOTS will feel the wrath of his Marxist policies.

    In reality they are already heavily effected by his policies of “free money” to the poor – it is keeping the poor, the blacks, the Hispanics and the illegals wrapped in the chains of poverty – with no way out – yet these “low information” people will vote for him and defend him at all costs – go figure.

    Obama needs his followers to be clueless idiots who pay no attention to what is really going on in Washington. This is his “voting base”. Sad but true.

    Using the IRS as a tool against his opponents is the same type of crime that Richard Nixon was impeached for.

    Obama needs to be impeached.

    Obama needs to be in jail.

    He is trying and succeeding at turning this great country into a Marxist police state ruled by Sharia Law – nice combination right?

    Obama has infiltrated his followers, Muslims and America haters at every level of our Federal government. He has had four years to begin this destruction from within and he has his people in place – this is why and how these types of things/scandals can occur.

    This is how and why Benghazi was allowed to occur.

    This is how and why Fast and Furious was allowed to occur.

    This is how and why  ObamaCare was allowed to occur. And this is why the IRS was allowed to implement these type of anti-American policies – the infiltration of anti-American moles into our government.

    Using the IRS to target specific groups that are for a great America is an impeachable act.

    The IRS was instructed by Obama to target groups that have “Patriot” in their name – or “Freedom” or “Constitution”  – any group that is against the destruction of America. This is a sick selfish and treasonous act by the puny minded Obama – he needs to pay.

    If you don’t think this came directly from Obama himself you need a reality check.

    This is right out of his playbook. Of course he was the one to implement these policies! He puts his guy in charge of the IRS and simply tells him what to do – and just like a little lap dog the IRS follows his “instructions”.

    All of these people are simply USEFUL IDIOTS for Obama to accomplish his goals. They are lap dogs – they have no character, principles or morals – if they did they wouldn’t have blindly followed this moron’s orders.

    IRS asked Tea Party groups for their donor rolls.

    IRS asked for printouts of Facebook posts by Tea Party groups.

    IRS asked for truck loads of information on these and other “Conservative” groups – information that was completely irrelevant to tax issues – even causing many groups to abandon their cause – the exact result Obama was looking for.

    Each letter received by these groups had the warning of “penalties for perjury”. And each “application” would be stone walled for up to a year. One word for these people in Obama’s government – assholes – pure and simple.

    This was clearly a shakedown of the grandest scale by, the loser Marxist himself – Barack Hussein Obama.

    So what will be done about this?

    “We the People” need to act.

    Call your Congressman or woman and demand results. Demand that something be done to oust Obama from Washington and the Presidency.

    We must NOT stand for this gestapo move. We must NOT let Obama destroy our country!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you believe that Obama sicking the IRS on the American people is a despicable and impeachable act.

    Join us if you believe that our Constitution needs to be upheld and Obama needs to be in jail!

    Join us today!

    God bless America and the American tax payers.

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    racist May 15, 2013

    100 percent crap! I was right about this! Anyone who hates Obama and calls him a fraud IS in fact a racist a-hole! And YOU are a racist a-hole! Look, Benghazi is a dead issue. They did a poll recently and only 40% of the American People are even following the story anymore. That’s an all time low.

    Let it go. Benghazi is as dead as “Fast and Furious”.

    You can couch their asshattery in any terms they like. The facts speak for themselves. You can’t stand having a black man in the White House.

    First off, I think all the facts need to come out before people try and pin this directly on President Obama . I know it makes for a great headline and will get you the website traffic that you so desperately desire, but it’s extremely hyperbolic.

    This reminds me of the ” OBAMA IS GUNNA KILL AMERICANS WITH DRONES” hysteria that was so popular a few weeks ago.

    What does this have to do with Obama. The IRS screwed up in the era of Citizens United.
    People like you are so busy blaming Obama for everything that when the truth and facts that are in the IG report blaming operations and staff for this horrendous issue you will still hold on to your beliefs not facts. If you and others were open to the truth then time won’t be wasted trying to blame instead energy would be spent on dealing with resolving the issue.

    Isn’t the job of the IRS to see if these groups are violating their tax-exempt status? not to mention that the Director of the IRS was appointed by
    President W. Bush. Something to think about it!!

    Obama does not hate America. Obama is not a communist. Obama is not a dictator where the hell did you pull that from, Obama is not usurper
    Obama is a not disgrace, Obama is not a fraud
    Obama is a not liar, but he’s a politician. Obama is not evil, Obama is not a socialist, Obama is not a Marxist, Obama is not a traitor
    Obama is not Anti-American, Obama is completely 100% legal

    Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim, Obama is not a narcissist. Obama is not destroying America.

    No, he can’t be impeached because he hasn’t done anything illegal yet.
    I’ll repeat that slowly… Because. Impeachment. Requires. A. Crime.

    The. President. Has. Not. Committed. A. Crime.


    Truly, Obama is no Nixon, Nixon was a leader, not a political figurehead. Unfortunately, Nixon was also a liar and a “crook”. Obama is a more honest man, but he couldn’t lead a child to the toilet.

    How dare you exploit the cucifix you hypocrite and viper! Why weren’t you outraged and bleeting over the WMD lies? with 5000+ troops dead as a result? Why is your blaspheming mouth shut tight over the million children dead in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria? It’s funny how you all want to impeach Obama, but you were all fine with Bush.

    Why is everyone in the states all of a sudden back in Nixon’s time? Where he divided left from right so he could do whatever he liked whilst the American population around him is arguing while their country is being used and falling apart at the same time.

    Please STOP with that crap about “no body died in Watergate”. PLEASE! Nixon was culpable in the Watergate scandal and knew he would be impeached and thrown out of office. He resigned to spare himself and the Republican Party that indignation.

    Obama is not culpable for our diplomats’ deaths. He didn’t push for spending cuts in security funding for diplomats, and he didn’t plan the attack.


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