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  • Corrupt IRS and Tyranny

    by Founder on May 28, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    It is now clear that there has been a complete and total transformation of our Federal government – all from within.

    This transformation has occurred because of Barack Hussein Obama and his hatred of America and the American way of life.

    “We the People” no longer have any faith in the government.

    They have lied to us for years – and have now proven that they are not for the American people but that they are actually against the American people – the American tax payer.

    Obama has declared war against the tax payers and we must now fight back.

    Our weapon must be our great Constitution.

    “We the People” must use our Constitution against Obama.He spits on it everyday – it is now our turn to hold Obama accountable for this despicable act of using the IRS against the American people.

    In order to get elected again Obama used the IRS to target those who were against him. This is a pathetic and cowardly act and Obama needs to be prosecuted for this crime and thrown in jail for the rest of his life.

    If this were a “different” type of country – much worse would happen to him – in America we would spare his life – in another country he would not be as fortunate.

    The American people do not trust the Obama government.

    Imagine this guy using the IRS to target and harass American tax payers?

    This is clearly a treasonous action and Obama needs to pay.

    The “scandals” of the Obama administration consist of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the AP spying and now the IRS debacle.

    Obama is clearly not an American – nor has he ever proven that he is. This man is a pathetic waste and needs to go – now.

    What will it take for the American people to storm the White House and Congress and throw all of these people out in the streets?

    At what point do the American people say “enough is enough”?

    Why wasn’t he prosecuted for Benghazi?

    Why wasn’t he prosecuted for Fast and Furious?

    Why hasn’t he been prosecuted for the AP spying scandal?

    Why hasn’t he been called in front of Congress for the most recent treasonous action?

    What will it take?

    This Obama loser denies everything and the bigger losers around him protect him to the death.

    This is a sickening display of a government that has been infiltrated by anti-American forces and there seems nothing that can be done about it.

    This is tyranny. This is oppressive power.

    This is NOT America.

    Obama has now armed the IRS with 14,000 employees who he is instructing to go after the American tax payer. This is war people.

    Obama has appointed his trashy supporters into the IRS. These people are against America and all she stands for.

    These IRS “employees” and all Obama supporters are so brain dead they will do whatever the Marxist Muslim tells them to do.

    What will you do when the IRS comes knocking on your door?

    They will demand perfection from you and your business – but not of themselves.

    The IRS is filled with anti-American employees who are as corrupt as they come. – yet they are able to demand perfection and cooperation from the hard working tax payers?

    What do you feel about this?

    Will you cooperate with these pathetic thugs?

    This needs to stop right now people. The tyranny that exists in America under Obama must stop and it must stop now!

    Are you going to wait until Obama’s 2nd term is over before you act? Or are you going to act now?

    Call your Congressman or woman and tell them how you feel. Do it now!

    Remember – these politicians are PUBLIC SERVANTS! They work for us – the tax payers!

    We pay their salary! We pay for everything they do!

    They cannot refuse to answer our questions!

    They cannot refuse a Congress request for information!

    These losers work for the American people – we must straighten out this mess or America will simply no longer exist!

    Please join us today as we fight against a tyrannical regime.

    Join us as we push back against the radical Muslim Obama.

    Join us here ate Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard now – in a big way!

    Join us if you do not trust Obama and you want the corrupt IRS agency completely dismantled and replaced with pro American employees and policies!

    Join us as we force these tyrannical thugs to follow the Constitution or be thrown in jail!

    God bless America.

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    ZaMan May 28, 2013

    No. what goes bone deep is your hatred for the black man in office!

    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

    The whole thing is really stupid, because it is like someone who works in a VA giving conservative veterans a hard time and blaming Obama. I guess that it never occured to some people that certain groups should be looked at more closely since the circus which is the SC decided that corporations have the same rights as people and people can dump crazy money into the political ring without disclosure. I mean do any of you really think that carl rove gives a damn about the American people and that his conservative pacs are helping anyone?

    Being the president of the USA is the most underpaid job in the world. The president was born in Hawaii and no amount of propaganda can change that fact. He was baptized as a Christian and no amount of propaganda can change that either. As for hating America, he has been an ally of the middle class. He has pushed for our infrastructure to improve, has proposed and supported deficit reduction, brought the troops home from Iraq, brought justice to those responsible for 9/11, has at least tried to do something about the health care situation in this country, and has improved the image of our country around the world. Absolutely no president is perfect, but he worked to keep his campaign promises. Many Americans may not agree with some of those promises but that is politics.

    This President has been a target of hate-filled narratives for the last five years. Some of the prize winners include an anti-white conspiracy being perpetrated by America’s first black President, or Obama sympathizes with Muslim terrorists, or Obama is a communist who wants to institute death panels and touch off class warfare. Here’s a real dandy since it is Memorial Day after all – Obama hates our men and women in the military. Does any thinking person really believe that?

    This is all just nonsense. It is hard to take anything said by the republicans seriously anymore.
    They have a giant “fake” scandal machine running all the time and it never stops. Since when is apologizing a crime? Barack Obama is no more a dictator, illegal, a coward or anti-American than George W. Bush.

    unless you can show how his actions rise to the case of High Crimes and Misdemeanors, he CANNOT and WILL NOT be impeached!

    Instead of ranting, look up the Constitution and then Google “Impeachment.” You MAY have a compelling argument but you are not making it right now.

    Obama is NOT a muslim. He wasn’t born in Kenya. he’s not a traitor. He was not sworn in on the Quran. He did not remove the American flag from Air force one. He is not a Black panther. His trip to India did not cost 200 million a day. He is not a communist/socialist/ Narcissist/Marxist…and he does not hate America.
    Please give it up and admit the reason why you don’t like him is because you don’t like his skin color!


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