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  • Obama’s Groupies/Zombies

    by Founder on June 5, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    They are everywhere.

    I live in a city of about 180,000 people and when I leave my business for a drive into the city I see them everywhere.

    They are all walking around like zombies. Walking slowly, with no purpose, no destination and no urgency. Not a care in the world – everything is taken care of for them.

    These are the Obama groupies/zombies.

    Obama and our Federal government have created an entire generation of zombies – people with no inkling of what it is to be an American and to cherish American qualities.

    There are 14 million on SSI.

    There are 47 million on Food Stamps.

    There are 90 million not in the labor force.

    Including Social Security, Prescription Drug and Medicare the United States has $124 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities – much of which is legitimate to those who worked their whole lives and deserve their Social Security etc – but at least half is all bull shit – these are the zombies.

    The single moms are out pushing their carriages taking their time with no purpose or desire to better their lives.

    The gang bangers walking around with their pants half way down their ass – doing nothing, producing nothing and possessing zero ambition – yet all of them are on the Obama dole – sucking off the tax payers. These are the people Obama relies on.

    This is the America that Liberalism and Obama’s policies has created – a society of low ambition, no desire, government leeches who take no responsibility for anything in their lives – they have the “entitlement” mentality.

    If these people were in America in the early 1900′s and through the 1950′s – with their existing attitude? America would never have become the world power that it is.

    America was built by do’ers. People that get things done.

    Today’s population is the do nothing crowd. They sit back and expect everything to be handed to them – which, Obama is gladly obliging as long as they vote for him.

    America was built by hard work, ambition and pride – something the Obama zombies do not have and never will have. They are being conditioned to believe that making more money and bettering their plight in life – is wrong.

    This is the sickness that is Marxism and Obama.

    Obama relies on these very zombies for his power. He needs these people – this is why they are referred to as his “useful idiots”.

    They all vote for him because he gives them “free stuff”.

    They vote for Obama because under Obama they do not have to work. They do not have to pay for health insurance, food, housing or legal help. It’s all “free” to them.

    The Obama groupies/zombies see Obama as the great Santa Clause. They have no care as to where the money they get comes from, they just know it is Obama who is making it happen – as Rush Limbaugh so perfectly puts it – these masses represent the “low information” crowd. People with just no clue.

    They don’t care or know about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the AP spying orders, the Seal members who died or even the recent IRS exposure of complete corruption from within. The low information crowd could care less – they just want their “free stuff”.

    Is this a situation that can be changed?

    It is a difficult answer to provide.

    It is a nasty situation that could perpetuate itself and get increasingly worse IF the loser anti-American politicians in power now – continue to remain in power.

    America desperately needs a change in leadership. We need a leader who actually loves America, our Constitution and everything America stands for.

    As long as Obama is in power or someone who supports the same policies – then the zombie problem will continue and even get worse.

    Obama must be removed from office. He has already committed many treasonous acts and there is clearly reason for impeachment – but the politically correct, ignorant populace will not allow this to happen.

    “We the People” must win the 2014 elections by taking the Democrats out of power in the Senate – this is a first step.

    Our Federal government is so corrupt and infiltrated with those who hate America and the American tax payer – getting control of the Senate is at least a step in the right direction.

    Then in 2016 “We the People” must rise up and vote Democrats out of the White House. We must vote in, an American citizen who loves the country – and not let Obama hand it over to whomever he wants.

    “We the People” have our work cut out for us.

    The entire establishment including the government and the media – is now against the American tax payers.

    We must all join together and make a last ditch effort to save/rescue our great Constitution – that made this country the envy of the world.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us as we fight against Obama and everything he stands for.

    And I encourage all the loser Obama groupies to keep writing to me – I enjoy your comments and love how they exemplify the idiocy of your entire clan.

    Help us rid Washington of the poison that is Obama, his America hating wife and all the Marxist/Socialist scum in Congress and the House who support them.

    God bless America.

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