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  • Supreme Court a Joke

    by Founder on June 18, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Obama has the Supreme Court on his side as well.

    Two recent rulings show that the Supreme Court is worthless.

    1. Declaring ObamaCare “Constitutional”.

    This is a complete joke. Nothing about ObamaCare is Constitutional.

    It forces hard working tax payers to purchase a product. Where in the Constitution does it say that the Federal government has this authority?

    If ObamaCare is so great why have the Unions asked and received a “waiver”?

    Why have members of Congress and the House received “waivers”?

    ObamaCare is not about Health Care – this is only the facade. It is about controlling the tax payers and to redistribute the wealth of our great country – nothing else.

    Obama got to Chief Roberts and made him change his vote. How they did it? Who knows. What did he blackmail him with? Who knows.

    The rest of the libs on the Supreme Court will vote for everything that is against America’s greatness and against the Constitution.

    Obama needed his ObamaCare to be ruled Constitutional – and he was going to get it done.

    Was he listening in to all of Chief Roberts phone conversations? Like he ordered for the rest of America?

    Did he have all the emails from RobertsĀ  and found something incriminating against him?

    Who knows but one thing for sure is that Obama the Muslim Marxist got to him.

    Everyone with a brain and knowledge of the Constitution knows that this ObamaCare is 100% against the rules and regulations set out by our great Constitution – yet the SCOTUS – in their infinite wisdom – ruled it was Constitutional. Obama got his way – and the American tax payers got screwed again by this tyrant.

    2. Ruling that Voter ID was not required in Arizona.

    Can you think of a clearer way to allow illegals into this country?

    Can you think of a clearer way to tell illegals that they can vote?

    Can you think of a ruling that could have a more negative effect on our great country? Than allowing all illegals to actually vote for President of the United States?

    This is against common sense.

    This is a slap in the face to all American citizens.

    This is diluting the value of being able to vote in this country.

    This is clearly against the Constitution. Have you read the 17th Amendment lately? This clearly lays out that it is up to the states to determine their voting requirements.

    The ability to vote is a gigantic privilege in this country. It is what America was built on – “We the People” are able to decide who is in office through our vote. Yet now the Supreme Court says that being able to vote is worthless – in fact, you don’t even need to be a citizen of America to vote here.

    We must remember – that it is these illegals who are Obama’s base of voters. This is how much he has destroyed America and our culture.

    Obama wants illegals to flow into this country unabated and ready to vote Democrat – this is how sick and anti-American Obama is.

    Since the SCOTUS has ruled for the illegals and their ability to vote – what does this tell you? That the Supreme Court is a joke and its members should be thrown in jail save for a few who actually understand and follow the Constitution.

    The Supreme Court was supposed to be the final law in the land – but now under Obama , there is no law. The only law that now exists is the law that Obama decides exists.

    Those in the Federal government do not have to abide by the laws – only the tax payers must abide by the laws. This is the tyranny that now exists in America – the exact type of rule we fought against and defeated in the Revolutionary War.

    Obama’s mask has been long off. He is showing his hatred for the American people everyday. What is to be done?

    “We the People” must rise up. Please contact your Representatives and tell them to vote against the Immigration bill. We cannot let this Amnesty bill pass or America is taking another step into oblivion – another step towards Socialism/Marxism.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution as we fight against Obama and all that he stands for.

    Join us if you are appalled at the Supreme Court decisions.

    Join us if you feel Obama should be impeached and deported.

    Join us if you love America and our great Constitution.

    God bless America and her future.

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