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  • Obama’s Psychotic Paranoia

    by Founder on July 10, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    This is one sick dude.

    Obama has now initiated a new program that requires Federal employees to spy on each other – to report suspicious activities of government employees – or face criminal penalties!

    Is this guy a sick dictator wannabe, or what?

    Obama is so obsessed with destroying America – that anyone who is against hist desires must be rooted out and replaced with someone who hates America – just like he does.

    Obama must lie awake at night and wonder who is against him, then he come up with tactics to destroy these people or groups.

    First, he sicks the IRS on any group that is/was against his Marxism/Fascism – enabling him to capture a corrupt 2nd term.

    Then he has the NSA spying on every American tax payer – listening to their/our every conversation – trying to formulate if they are an American or an American hating lib – thus, again, aiding him in the voting process as he stole his 2nd term right out from under “We the People”.

    Now, he is even concerned with those working for him! Surely the signs of a sick, paranoid tyrant who is obsessed with power and the destruction of our great country.

    It is obvious Obama needs to be thrown in jail for his treasonous actions – but who is going to get this done?

    Obama has infiltrated every level of government from the local agencies right to those in Washington.

    He has infiltrated the court system from the local judges right up to the Supreme Court – so what are “We the People” able to do?

    Are “We the People” just pansies who will allow Obama’s people to destroy our country and run us over like we are sheep?

    Or do we look to Egypt and see what has occurred there?

    Obama easily put in place a radical Islamist government – just like he is doing in America – only there – they did not have the checks and balances we still have.

    The people of Egypt rejected this form of a tyrannical hate filled government and they did something about it.

    The Egyptian military simply captured the radical Islamist Morsi and over threw the government Obama put into place. Their PEOPLE did it – the people of Egypt stood up to tyranny – we must follow suit!

    The American people have a long history of fighting against tyranny, both here on our own soil and around the world. However those fighters were true blue Americans – hard workers, loved their country and would put their lives on the line to protect our Constitution and American way of life.

    Do the current residents of America also have what it takes to over throw tyranny and rid our government of the poison that is Obama?

    Only time will tell.

    But this is what must be done – Obama must either be impeached or physically removed from office.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Join us if you are sick and tired of letting Obama run roughshod over “We the People” – enough is enough!

    Stand up people!

    Be strong!

    Do not fear the Federal government or the loser Obama.

    We are Patriots.

    We are Americans – we are not soft Europeans who will bend over for whatever the government wants them to do.

    We have our Constitution – this shall protect us along with the strength and resolve of “We the People”.

    Are we going to be the generation who lets the radical Muslims take over our country from within? Or will we fight back?

    Please join us if you are a Patriot and are willing to fight back!

    Join us now!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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