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  • Obama the Racist

    by Founder on July 23, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    The President of the United States is a demented racist bent on dividing America in two – blacks versus whites.

    Obama has done all he can to pit the blacks against the whites – every action he takes is oozing with racism.

    He has put himself and his racist views into the Trayvon Martin case twice:

    First when he said “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon” and…..

    Second when he said that Trayvon “could have been me”.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the President of the United States! A man who is so blinded by his hatred of whites that he says these ridiculous things – for the sole purpose of promoting racism and hatred in America.

    We all know that Obama and his America hating wife despise whites and the middle class.

    We certainly know that Michelle Obama hates whites from some of her writings in college and from different things she has said over time.

    Obama has also appointed a racist to head up the Department of “Justice” – even though there is no longer “justice” in America.

    Eric Holder is a racist who picks and chooses who to prosecute and which laws to uphold – as he clearly is allowing blacks to have their day, so to speak – blacks can do no wrong under Obama and Holder and the whites are the bad people.

    It is so obvious – except of course to his followers.

    Did they prosecute the New Black Panthers for their voter intimidation? No.

    Do they prosecute any blacks for the tremendous amount of black on black murders or even black on white murders? No.

    However, when Trayvon Martin is killed and it is by a man appearing to be white – even though he is HISPANIC – what does the White House do?

    They put all their efforts into creating the aura of racism – even tax payer funding protests against George Zimmerman!

    Obama and Holder both know their supporters are so stupid that they can just give the image  of racism and simply lie that Zimmerman is a white guy killing an “innocent” black man – after all he knows his stupid USEFUL IDIOT supporters will believe it and protest just like good little robots.

    Of course, Obama and Holder are right – their supporters are stupid – they know their voting base and how to manipulate them.

    Many Obama supporters are on welfare and are black and will follow Obama’s marching orders at the drop of a hat – they are not working, so they have plenty of time to march in the streets in protest – even if they are not sure why they are even protesting!

    Even the white Obama supporters who are leeching off the tax payers spending their time doing nothing – these people will gladly follow Obama’s lead and protest for Trayvon Martin – this is how clueless his supporters are – whether they are white, black or Hispanic.

    We have President Hussein Obama who was supposed to bring everyone together in peace and harmony – but what happened Obama?

    Instead you have turned out to be an America hating, middle class hating racist who is intent on dividing America in two – pitting the blacks against the whites.

    Obama has done more harm to America than any President in our history.

    It is obvious that America’s first black President is a complete failure and I have a feeling it will be a long time before the American people can trust another black President to do the right thing regardless the color of someone’s skin.

    Obama has ruined it for the millions of honest, America loving black folks who would someday strive to be President.

    I like to write about Obama’s obvious racism because it opens the door for all his stupid supporters to bombard me with hate mail and call me a racist – I welcome them all and simply use them as a perfect example as to how Obama has ruined our great country.

    Obama needs blacks on his side. He needs to keep them all in the chains of welfare and food stamps – he needs them all to be dependent on the government for their existence.

    He needs their votes.

    Obama thinks blacks and Hispanics will be happy with their life if he just gives them enough “free stuff” – like a phone, some money, food and free housing – yet by doing this he is NOT helping them at all – he is, instead, setting them back many years – he thinks they will be satisfied with this pittance – and sadly enough, many of them are.

    Obama has set back race relations in America at least 100 years and he does it with a smile.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you are sick and tired of Obama’s abuse of the Constitution and the tax payer.

    Join us if you are NOT a racist and simply look at people for the character they have and the actions they take – not the color of their skin – just as MLK said.

    Obama is a fraud and must be purged from America forever.

    The sooner Obama is gone from Washington the sooner America will be able to repair the damage this racist has done.

    God bless America and remember, justice is supposed to be blind NOT based on the color of one’s skin.

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    Zeven July 23, 2013

    Pathetic: Racist Right Calls Obama the racist? look in the mirror!

    I really don’t know what is more pathetic! You defending righty racism, OR denying righty racism! What is obvious is who the REAL racists are!

    For the president to explain the experience of black males in the calmest of terms is in no way “racist” or “divisive” or harmful to race relations. No, his own mother was white. You want examples of that, Look NO further than the racist right!

    They’ve done everything they can to destroy this man, from calling him a Kenyan without a birth certificate to saying he pals around with terrorists. They say he’s Nixon. They say he’s Bush. They label every weather pattern Obama’s Katrina. They scream and holler about his racism. They jump up and down accusing him of being worse than anyone ever even Hitler!!!!!! They accuse him of trying to kill Sarah Palin’s baby. They whine about whether or not he should be allowed to speak about his childhood, since his being black is so “divisive”. They call him a murderer over an array of issues.

    No matter what Obama does, those who hate him will find fault. This writer may have a tale of her own to tell about how women were poorly treated, but she seems unwilling to respect the president when he tells his honest and true tale.

    Bill Clinton made the same speech on race relations after OJ Simpson Verdict in 1995!!! Where was the White Flight and White Indignation or Whites calling Clinton a damn racist. More white conservative racism is you ask me.

    No, the President cannot be impeached because he did not commit any offenses that would fall under the category. In no way does Hitler link to Obama. Barack Obama is not a Muslim,

    3. Is Barack Obama a fraud?

    4. Is Barack Obama destroying America?

    5. Is Barack Obama a socialist?

    6. Is Barack Obama a pathological liar?

    7. Is Barack Obama a Communist?

    8. Is Barack Obama an Anti-American?
    9. Is Barack Obama an “Illegal” and what does that mean?
    No. It means someone that is not allowed to live in a country but is there anyway.

    10. Is Barack Obama a criminal?
    11. Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
    No. He is a Christian.
    12. What role did voter fraud play in Obama’s re-election? Where is the proof?
    It did not. There is no proof.

    Race relations are poor because a segment of white America that had been relegated to the proverbial attic with the crazy uncle came out of the woodwork the second a black man was elected president. I knew race relations would be tanked. If it has, it’s because of folks who can’t stand that a black man is in the White House, and behave badly.

    I was right! Hatred for Obama stems from ONE elements. Racism!


    summer October 23, 2014

    You are as stupid as it

    Please dont breed

    The world has way too mny retarded runts


    summer October 23, 2014


    Youre a devil worshiping lackie

    Its been proven that obamASSHOLEtheNIGGERhitle . Smokes crack
    . Is a faggot
    . Hate whites
    . Hates christians
    . Is a devil worshiping muslum
    . Lies
    . Murders
    . Is a foreigner to the USA…is an illegal alien
    . Vows to destroy america

    You support that thing in the Whitehouse. ..which means you are no better than it….and you will share in its sins come judgement day…for supporting it !!!!

    I pray YHWH shows none of you any mercies


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