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  • Benghazi and Treason

    by Founder on August 7, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    The “phony” scandal that just won’t go away – right Obama?

    I can only hope and pray that Obama’s actions regarding Benghazi will land him in jail – prompt his impeachment – or simply turn the “low information” crowd against him – IF that is possible.

    It is now coming out the the CIA was under going some type of “gun running” operation – giving our guns to Al Queda!

    This is a total outrage!

    This is TREASON!

    Obama is arming Al Queda – the very group that destroyed the Twin Towers and killed 3000+ Americans in the September 11, 2011 attack.

    Do you need any more proof that Obama is a hard core Muslim?

    That Obama is for the Muslims and AGAINST America?

    How stupid do the libs have to be to allow this type of treason?

    The libs are so clueless that they do not see that Obama is a Muslim intent on destroying America – the very country that the stupid libs are trying to live in and make a living!

    Yet the libs will keep voting for Obama and people like him – those that support his trash policies.

    This is the problem in America right now – Obama has bought all of the libs votes by giving them “free stuff” ie. bribing them – this is, again, how stupid the libs are – they only care about today – they have no concern with tomorrow – the tell tale sign of an idiot – this is why they call them Obama’s USEFUL IDIOTS.

    All those who truley love America are rooting for those in Congress and the House who are trying to smoke out the truth concerning Benghazi.

    Four Americans died in Benghazi and Obama blames it on a stupid video about Muslims! And the “low information” idiot libs believe him – thus fulfilling their useful idiot tag name.

    Then it comes out that instead of trying to rescue our Americans – that either Obama or Clinton gave a “stand down” order – not once but twice!

    This is the TREASON! Abandoning our brave Americans – all in the name of advancing the Muslim cause!

    Does this make you sick?

    Do you want Obama to rot in jail for his actions?

    Will all of this come out while Obama is President or will it be delayed until he is out of office?

    Will the complicit media be punished for their actions?

    Ironically, the media is just as stupid as the “low information” lib Obama supporters.

    The media is supporting all Obama does – yet they are supporting the destruction of the very country they live in! How stupid can they be?

    Obama will be soon long gone – and the libs/media will find out that he left, in his wake, a destroyed America – then, just like the idiots that they are, they will look around and say “what happened”?

    The libs and the media are supporting a man who is destroying their future and the future of their children – yet they cheer him onĀ  - this is definitely the definition of an idiot.

    Those against Obama are simply smart enough to know what he is doing.

    We can see through his crap. We’ve got you pegged Obama – you cannot fool those with a brain – you can only fool your moron supporters who are very happy with the scraps you throw them.

    “We the People” – the tax payers, MUST rise up and stop Obama.

    We must stop Amnesty for the illegals.

    We must stop ObamaCare.

    We must stop the infiltration of Muslims into our government and we must hold accountable those that have purposely tried to destroy America and all she stands for.

    Will you join us in this fight?

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and help us stop Obama and his supporters right in their tracks.

    Join us today and make your voice heard now!

    God bless America.

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