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  • Our Non-Existent President

    by Founder on August 21, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Where is Obama again?

    Golfing again?

    Plotting to raise taxes again?

    Plotting to screw the white middle class again?

    Plotting to destroy the coal industry?

    Speaking with the Muslim Brotherhood to plan their next move?

    Thinking of more ways to trample our great Constitution?

    Hosting parties for the Hollywood losers?

    Buying a new dog?

    Smoking weed again?

    Appointing more radical Islamists to important cabinet positions?

    Where is he?

    Has anyone seen him doing anything to help the middle class?

    Is he plotting out his next move or waiver regarding ObamaCare?

    Is ObamaCare a law or not?

    America has leadership right now, the only problem is that the “leadership” is leading us all off a financial cliff!

    Where ever Obama is right now – I guarantee he is plotting to further destroy our great country – guaranteed.

    This is all Obama does.

    I defy anyone to tell me something Obama has done to actually grow the economy or help the middle class -which consists of America’s hard working tax payers and entrepreneurs.

    Go ahead name one thing, I am waiting.

    Instead, Obama has done everything he can to stifle business growth and to financially suffocate  all entrepreneurs in this country.

    He raises taxes.

    He adds new regulations.

    He spies on everyone with a sick paranoia.

    He abuses the US Treasury by spending MILLIONS on himself and his “family”.

    Every second of every day is spent, by Obama, plotting ways to drive America straight into the ground.

    Obama wants the greatest country on the planet to fail. He wants America to no longer exist – he hates true Americans.

    This is our current President, can you believe it?

    Can you believe that the “voters” were this stupid to vote in a man who hates them?

    They voted in a man who wants to shackle them in the chains of poverty for the rest of their lives¬† as well as their children’s lives.

    They intentionally voted for a man who views them only as a number, as a loser, as a vote. This is how stupid his supporters are.

    Ask an Obama supporter any question about current events, about the government, about the economy, about geography, about American history – you name it – anything – and they will be completely ignorant to the correct answer – they are clueless.

    Obama knows that if people are actually informed and knowledgeable – there is no way they would vote for his trash – he likes it and needs his people to be stupid – and he has achieved his wish – the liberals are clueless.

    So where is Obama?

    Who knows and at this point who cares?

    The tax payers of America know what is up with Obama.

    We know who he is and what he stands for.

    We know you Obama – we know you are a lying snake, who his whole life, has cheated, stolen, robbed and lied your way to your current position and riches.

    You, Obama, are the lowest of the low and someday you will pay for your crimes against America.

    There will be justice – you will not get away with destroying the lives and future of MILLIONS of Americans.

    I know because there is a God – and America was divinely inspired by God.

    You, Obama, are nothing with regards to the big picture – you will soon be out of the spotlight and America will be able to move on – so enjoy your destruction while you can.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Stand up for American principles and help us rid Obama from Washington forever.

    Fight against Amnesty for the illegals.

    Fight against the monstrosity that is ObamaCare.

    Fight against the government take over of your freedoms.

    Fight against Socialism and Communism to enjoy entrepreneurial Capitalism.

    God bless America.

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