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  • Why Listen to Obama?

    by Founder on September 17, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Why are people still listening to Obama?

    He is proven to hate America, so why would any true America listen to him?

    If Obama “orders” the military to go some where or bomb someone, why would they listen to him? Just because he says so?

    Obama is spewing out “Executive Orders” like he is a dictator – but why should anyone believe they are actually law?

    Why is just what Obama says law? He hates America and the middle class – why is anyone listening to this traitor?

    If he is clearly Treasonous in his actions and he constantly goes against the Constitution everyday – why would anyone listen to him?

    If Obama should have been impeached ten times over by now, why would anyone listen to him?

    Who exactly is listening to Obama anyway?

    Is it his robot brainless supporters? His voter base of the “low information” crowd who are all clueless?

    These people I can understand but the actual Congressmen and women who listen to him and take him seriously clearly shows that these people are against America and all that America stands for.

    His clueless base is understandable because they know nothing about current events, or how the government actually works or who they are actually supporting.

    It is those who supposedly have a brain who are a complete disappointment to America, our Constitution and all future generations.

    How did so many people turn against America?

    Is it that now there are very few true Americans left? Is it that there are way too many illegals who are diluting the population of real Americans?

    True Americans grew up here and experienced America’s greatness for themselves.

    Those born here before 1970 were able to experience the true America and American Capitalism – without the massive explosion of the Federal government and all the negatives that have gone along with it.

    Now, supposedly Obama “waives” a ban on arming terrorists – so we have to listen to him? He’s waiving a law? And we have to “obey” him? Screw him!

    This is clearly treasonous and grounds for impeachment. Obama wants to arm proven terrorists in their fight against Assad in Syria – what are you going to do about it?

    Obama wants to arm Al Queda – the same group that claimed responsibility for the 3000+ American deaths on 9/11 2001!

    What is anyone going to about it?

    Is everyone going to jump through hoops just because this guy says so? Who would jump just because Obama says so?

    Why is anyone listening to him any more? This is ludicrous! Stop the madness and throw this anti-American loser in jail!

    America needs to wake up.

    The supposed media has some how been brain washed or hypnotized into believe every thing Obama says – how did this happen?

    How and when did the media completely turn against America and the tax payers?

    And why are the tax payers just sitting back and taking it?

    The American people need to rise up and act – and we need to act now!

    The President of the United States is committing treason on a daily basis and “We the People” need to stop it right now!

    If Obama says it – then you can count on it – it will be against our best interests. Obama is full bore set on destroying America and he must be stopped!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us fight the Muslim take over of our Federal government.

    Join us today and make your voice heard!

    Help us fight for all future generations. Help us restore and preserve the great America that existed BEFORE the traitor Obama.

    God bless America.

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