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    by Founder on September 26, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Finally someone is standing up for the tax payers and AGAINST the thug Obama.

    This is exactly what needs to happen.

    In reality, every tax payer should do the same – stand up and make noise AGAINST all that is Obama and his obvious destruction of the American way.

    ObamaCare is about to be implemented on October 1st and we need our Representatives to stand for what is best for the tax payers – not what is best for them or the illegals!

    ObamaCare is a nightmare for the middle class and the tax payers and Ted Cruz is fighting for us.

    Who is ObamaCare really for?

    60% of the people on ObamaCare or who will get on ObamaCare will be those already sucking off the tax payers! That’s who it is designed for!

    ObamaCare is NOT designed to help the middle class or the tax payers! Be aware!

    It is designed to reduce the tax payer’s and the middle class’ wealth – and REDISTRIBUTE it to those without money – THIS is Obama’s plan in a nut shell.

    Obama is President for one reason and one reason only – to destroy America’s greatness – and his supporters blindly cheer this on – like the moron robots that they are – they have no clue what is coming.

    Therefore, it is very important that ObamaCare be stopped in its tracks – this is why the House voted to DEFUND ObamaCare in their recent effort to derail it.

    Praise the Lord for someone like Ted Cruz – he is at least trying to defeat the Muslim Obama – we must now rise up with him and stand tall for America and the American way of life.

    Yet, at the same time, other supposed “Republican” politicians in positions of leadership, are fighting AGAINST Cruz!!!

    McConnell, McCain and other old, life time politicians are fighting against the tax payers!!!

    They are supposed to be fight for us but instead they are with Obama – can you believe this crap?

    Call their offices! Tell them they will be voted out! Stand up against McConnell and McCain!

    They are traitors just like the Muslim Obama.

    Stand for Ted Cruz.

    Stand against all that is Obama – including, of course, ObamaCare.

    Unfortunate for America’s future, there are now very few politicians in office who are actually fighting for America and the tax payers – every one else is sucking up to Obama and kissing his ass.

    Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are leading the charge for common sense and our great Constitution – you need to join them now!

    Please call your Senator and implore that they follow the Constitution and that they are against Obama and his trash America destroying policies.

    Join us now and stand for America, our freedom and our liberties.

    Stand against Obama and his crushing REDISTRIBUTION policies.

    Join us now and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America.

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    Lynn October 18, 2013

    You got it right! All the welfare suckers are the ones that put him in office. He is going to kill our country. Somehow we have got to get him out of there before he completely destroys our beloved country.


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