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  • Government Shutdown

    by Founder on October 3, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    Shut the monstrosity down.

    This is all Obama folksĀ  this shutdown is exactly what the loser wants.

    Obama hates America and this is one of his many ways to stick it to the tax payers.

    This is one of the first times Obama is actually saving the tax payers money – the massive Federal government has been shut down and, for now, the waste has stopped.

    Obama is so obsessed with his stupid ObamaCare that he would shut down the entire government just to keep it in full.

    This is how important ObamaCare is to Obama concerning the destruction of America.

    Obama knows that the “health care” act is NOT about Health Care – but rather a form of control and REDISTRIBUTION of the country’s wealth.

    ObamaCare is very important to Obama because it is the nail in the coffin with regards to America’s vibrancy and strength.

    I say “shut down the monstrosity”!

    But watch what Obama will do – he will make this shutdown very hard on the average tax payer – he will try to stick it even deeper to the hard working citizens.

    When they “re-open” the government they should then only bring back maybe 1 out of every 10 employees – just 10%.

    The rest of the “employees” and not necessary and only account for the bloating of the government as they do nothing but put a strain and a drain on the economy.

    There is so much waste in the Federal government but what does the media and Obama focus on? They focus on closures of places the public will notice – military bases, pay for military, food for military, parks and exhibits etc.

    Did the loser EBT people get their money on the 3rd? Yes.

    Did the loser welfare people get their money on the 1st? Yes.

    These are very important people to someone like Obama – these people represent his voting base.

    Imagine that? His voting base is made up of the dumbest people in the country! And he is proud of that!

    This is the only way a loser like Obama could get elected – to have a voting base that is completely clueless.

    Shut down the government? Why not?

    The government is currently useless and made up of those who want to destroy our great country.

    The US government under Obama has added $10 TRILLION to the deficit with nothing to show for it – just for this – the Muslim should either be impeached or thrown in jail.

    The US government under Obama is now supplying arms and weapons to Al Queda – the very group that claimed responsibility for killing 3000+ Americans on September 11, 2001.

    The US government under Obama has been caught illegally spying on the American tax payers and on other countries throughout the world.

    The US government under Obama has been shown to be using the IRS to target Conservative groups and to harass them thus stifling their effectiveness in fighting against Obama’s Communist policies.

    The US government under Obama has been implicated in providing guns and arms to the Mexican drug cartels – again, just for this, Obama should be in jail.

    The US government under Obama told our military to STAND DOWN when we were attacked in Benghazi – in many other countries Obama would be severely dealt with concerning this action.

    The US government under Obama has severely infiltrated the “main stream media” using them as a mouth piece for his trash politics and trash policies.

    Yet during all of this his low information, clueless supporters cheer him on – they are too busy playing video games and watching TV to follow what is really happening in America.

    The government is shut down? Good riddance.

    The tax payers are so sick and tired of the Federal government growing and trying to control everything we do, say or think.

    “We the People” are sick of it!

    All you loser government leeches are in for a rude surprise when the pathetic government you voted in runs out of money and your precious EBT cards are not filled.

    This is when the welfare and EBT losers will be out in the streets demanding “their” money – THIS is what Obama wants.

    This is how sick and pathological Obama actually is.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you are sick of Obama and his Communism/Socialism.

    Join us if you want Obama ousted, impeached and/or thrown in jail.

    Join us if you are a true American who values the American culture and way of life.

    God bless America.

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