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  • Health Care Incompetence

    by Founder on October 23, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    The health care debacle is beginning to unfold.

    Obama’s complete incompetence is shining through.

    The roll out of his ObamaCare program is a total disaster and another embarrassment for the Obama regime.

    The Federal government can do nothing right – they are incompetent, inefficient and clueless – kind of like their government leech supporters.

    Sebelius and Obama are a complete disaster.

    No Republican voted for this monstrosity.

    No hard working tax payers voted for this monstrosity.

    This is all Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Sebelius.

    These government representatives are 100% Communist, America hating losers who think they know what’s best for our great country.

    These elected officials are being exposed as the Commies that they are.

    Obama needs to be in jail.

    Pelosi needs to be in jail.

    Reid needs to be in jail.

    Sebelius needs to be in jail.

    When it is all said and done, 50 years from now these criminals will be viewed as the destroyers of freedom, liberty and Capitalism.

    Anyone who supports these people is guilty themselves of Communism and plotting for the destruction of America and her greatness.

    How do any of the Federal government programs do?

    How is the Post Office doing? Billions in debt.

    How is Amtrak doing? Billions in debt.

    How is the Federal government doing? Trillions in debt.

    How will the ObamaCare program do? Trillions in debt GUARANTEED!

    The Federal government under Obama is a complete failure.

    No one in his administration has ever had any private sector experience – they are all life time government leeches who have scammed their way into power.

    No one in the administration knows how to produce anything but bureaucracy and inefficiency.

    No one in Obama’s administration has ever owned a business and built it from scratch.

    Everyone Obama has appointed into his administration is a government hack liberal with limited education.

    Come 2014 and 2016 all of these anti-American dolts must be purged from government.

    They must all be ousted from Washington for good and the size of the Federal government shrunk in half – at the least.

    The American people need a revolution.

    The American people need to rise up and take back our government, our courts and our freedoms.

    The Muslim Obama has infiltrated our government at every level – he has appointed anti-American Commies to every level of government and is doing his best to destroy our great country.

    “We the People” must stop this destruction – we must stop Obama now!

    The problem is that his supporters are clueless robots who believe anything this tyrant says.

    Obama is a pathological liar who lies every day to the American people – and it is only his low information lib supporters who believe what he says – everyone else knows better.

    Who knows if Obama set this whole health care debacle up to fail – he doesn’t seem to concerned about it working. Perhaps this is set up to lead to the “single payer system” that Obama really wants.

    Or maybe it was all set up to simply destruct the US economy as quickly as possible – either way Obama should be rotting in a dirty jail cell somewhere.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard against Obama and ObamaCare.

    It is only “We the People” who can stop the disgusting liar Obama.

    Join us now and stand up for America, Capitalism, freedom and our great Constitution.

    God bless America.

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