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  • Obama’s Biggest Lie

    by Founder on November 6, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    What is Obama’s biggest lie? He has so many.

    Is it that he is an American citizen? This is a very big lie indeed – a lie that he has perpetrated disgustingly on the American people.

    But was that his biggest lie? After all he didn’t look the people in the eye about his “birth place”, right?

    On the other hand, Obama did look the people directly in the eye and he lied to them about his ObamaCare.

    “If you like your plan you can keep it”. He said this to the American people dozens of times – on video and on audio tape.

    “If you like your doctor you can keep him/her”. He also said this dozens of times on video and on audio tape.

    These are the sick, demented lies that Obama has told in order to get the morons on welfare ie. his voting base, to vote for his health plan.

    These are the sick demented lies that Obama told to his uneducated, clueless voting base – so they would vote his disastrous policies into action.

    Obama obviously lied to the American people.

    A really big lie.

    Millions of Americans are going to lose their health care plans and be forced to purchase the government health care – and he knew this.

    Obama knew he was screwing the American tax payer and he could care less. This is how much of a loser this guy is.

    Obviously Obama couldn’t tell anyone what was going to happen or else NO ONE would have voted for it – so he simply lied.

    His supporters like and respect liars.

    His supporters are liars them selves.

    Hi supporters, in general, have very little in the way of morals, character or principles – they lie, he lies – no big deal to them.

    Liberals lie.

    This is how they win elections and this is how they “convince” their clueless, low information voters to vote for their trash policies.

    Obama looked the American people in the eyes and said “don’t worry” – all is well – you can keep your stinkin’ plans!

    But it turns out that NO the American people cannot keep their plan or their doctor!

    One word describes Obama very nicely – and that would be ASSHOLE!

    Obama you are the lowest scum of the earth. You need to be rotting away some where in jail.

    How sick is this guy? He purposely tries to destroy millions of lives just to push his sick view of government and government’s role.

    Can America survive these next three years of Obama’s lame duck Presidency?

    Only time will tell.

    You can rest assured one thing – that Obama will be doing all he can to destroy our country while he is President.

    Obama must be stopped.

    Who has the balls in America, in government to stop this tyrant?

    Will he just go unabated all the way to 2016?

    Or will “We the People” stand up and toss this loser out of Washington forever!?

    Obama’s lies? He has many.

    Benghazi lies.

    IRS lies.

    Fast and Furious lies.

    Bin Laden lies.

    Seal Team 6 lies.

    Birth place lies.

    Defending the middle class lies.

    Love for America lies.

    Lies, lies and more lies.

    Yet his loser supporters keep cheering him on.

    Obama has proven to be the worst possible person to run America but I do believe it was in the makings for many years if not decades.

    Over the years America has been systematically infiltrated by more and more people who are AGAINST America and all her greatness.

    Over time this has built to a crescendo leading us to the voting in of a President who is doing all he can to destroy America and the long held American dream – and not trying to hide it.

    When will the people stand up? When will Obama be done?

    “We the People” must vote with a vengeance in 2014. We must gain control of the Senate and essentially freeze Obama in his tracks.

    We must rise up and stop him in order to save what is left of America.

    I need to pass the true America on tho my children – not the “America” that Obama wants. Don’t you?

    Or do you want to give a sick demented nanny state to your kids?

    Obama is a sick mentally deranged, pathological liar who needs to be in jail.

    He wants to shove his anti-American Communism right down your throat – are you open wide and waiting for him?

    Or are you ready to fight this coward?

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today?

    Join now!

    God bless America.

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