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  • America’s Sheeple

    by Founder on December 4, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    They flock to the government freebies by the millions.

    There is a big problem in America right now.

    It is the sick “entitlement” mentality that is sweeping the country – fueled by illegal immigration and the massive amount of government give aways.

    The sickness of Obama and the Democrats is that they feel this is the only way they can 1. stay in power and 2. get voters.

    This is how sick they are.

    America now consists of 100 million people who do not work.

    America now consists of 100 million people who receive money from the Federal government- and, sadly, these people get lulled into a false sense of “satisfaction”.

    They become satisfied with the little pittance that the Obama government wants to give them.

    Any government leech – welfare lib – will tell you that they give “alot” – but is it really?

    Are you satisfied with approximately $30, 000 worth of freebies a year? This is about what it comes out to IF you max out what the government is giving away.

    These non workers who leech off the government and are happy with it – are destroying this great country.

    How long do you think this type of system can last? How long before Obama destroys our country for good?

    The country is already $17 TRILLION in debt – and every state is upside down with regards to benefits, pensions etc.

    Just how long will the government be able to print money out of thin air to pay for all this?

    What will happen when the money runs out?

    What will the illegals do? What will the Hispanics do? What will the inner city blacks do?

    Obama knows the answer.

    This trash dictator wannabe is heading us right to this point – and he hopes it will occur BEFORE he is out of office - then the POWER GRAB will really occur.

    Do you as a true American really want to live in an America that looks like the “America” Obama wants?

    Is this the America you want to hand over to your children?

    Obviously, Obama is a sick dictator who needs to be thrown out of office by the people of this great country.

    No other country could attack and destroy America from the outside – it was only from the inside that America could be destroyed – and Obama is doing it right in front of our eyes.

    But what are the people doing about it? What are the true Americans doing about it?

    Yes, we are speaking up, but is speaking up enough – against these tyrants?

    The media does all they can to silence true Americans.

    The government targets and suppresses true Americans.

    It certainly APPEARS that all is AGAINST the true America – but is it? Or does it just appear as such?

    I say it only appears this way. There are only thousands of politicians but there are MILLIONS of hard working American tax payers.

    There are over 100 million true Americans who believe in Capitalism and small non interfering government.

    “We the People” are hard working, family loving, tax payers who grew up in America and know her greatness – first hand.

    It is us, “We the People” who must rise up and do more than just speak out – we must act.

    It is time for America to stand against Obama and stop this hostile take over of our government, the media and the courts.

    “WE the People” must rise up and rid Washington of those who hate America – and of those who want to destroy our great economy.

    Unfortunately Obama has already wrecked great havoc and damage onĀ  America – but – it is not too late – we MUST rise against this attack and stop Obama in his tracks!

    It is for the sake of our children – IF you are going to stay in this country- which many are choosing NOT to. There are quite a few countries right now that have thriving economies without the rule of a dictator wannabe.

    America is turning ugly and it is because of the Obama zombie robot government leeches who are happy with the morsels that the government hands out.

    Where is the people’s ambition? Where is the desire to change your economic situation for the better? Where is the hard work ethic?

    Among the sheeple it does not exist.

    Among Obama supporters it does not exist.

    The sheeple have taken over and it ain’t pretty.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us retake our great country and rid Washington of Obama forever.

    Join us today and make your voice heard!

    God Bless America.

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