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  • Duck Dynasty and Gays

    by Founder on December 21, 2013

    in Voice of the People

    The recent firing of Phil Robertson over his comments about gays shows exactly where America is at right now.

    Is this a Fascist country? Does the government censor our speech and tell us what is acceptable to say and what is not? Is this where we are?

    Is this Russia or China or North Korea?

    Screw all libs, GLAAD, our Federal government, Obama and anyone who wants to censor what I say or believe.

    GLAAD – the gay rights organization – complained about Robertson’s’ comments he made in a GQ article and the firestorm began from there.

    The American media is so obsessed with the gay issue and sex – it is sickening. Why? Perhaps many reporters, executives etc. in the media are gay so this is a personal issue for them.

    They are all bleeding heart liberals who could care less about anything but their precious social issues ie. Gay rights.

    The amount of gay people in the United States is really a very small percentage – maybe 6%- 10% and even this seems high.

    Contrary to the media’s portrayal off the issue – most Americans are NOT gay!

    It is only the media who amplifies the gay issue as they make it seem that the gays are a huge portion of society – they are not!

    What they are – is a group of people who are demanding that all others accept who they are and to actually give them PRIORITY over any other type of life style.

    They don’t just want to be “equal” – they want all they can get and more.

    The gays demand that you cannot say anything bad about them!  This is how sick they are.

    Instead of just living their lives and minding their own business they feel they must monitor other people’s lives – to be sure they are not slandered or offended in any way.

    How sick is this?

    Do they have no self worth? No confidence? Are they really this weak against only the spoken word?

    The answer is yes. They are this weak.

    The gay “community” was in an uproar again over what someone says about gays – and that someone can be so anti-gay. This is how pathetic these people are.

    Who gives a crap what someone says! How weak are you? Grow a spine and move on with your life!

    There is a huge double standard in the media that allows gays to get away with whatever they want to say – but if others say things along the same lines? It is a mortal sin and must be punished immediately.

    The gays also say it is not a freedom of speech issue – yea right – well, it is not only a freedom of speech issue but also a freedom of religion issue.

    To GLAAD and the gay community – I say “shut the hell up and get a life”!!

    You people are pathetic!

    No one cares what you do behind closed doors – just stop caring what others think about how you live your life.

    Weren’t you taught self respect, confidence and self dignity by your parents? Is this where the problem lies?

    Are you all (the media and the gay community) the result of a problematic childhood with a lack of parental control, teaching and discipline?

    The gays of America have pushed their promiscuity, sexual deviancy and sexual behavior on all aspects of American society – even down to our children – and the media is right there pushing it for them.

    Great contribution to society, right stupid libs?

    My position on this? I am 100% FOR what Phil Robertson said for three reasons:

    1. He has the right to say what he wants – this is America, right?
    2. He has the right to preach or pursue any religion he wants.
    3. I agree with everything he said :)

    Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me. I learned that when I was 5 years old – maybe this simple teaching was missing from the early teachings of the “I get offended” crowd.

    America needs to right herself again.

    We need a real leader – not some wishy washy bleeding heart – please the loser crowd, Marxist who hates America – this is what we have now and this is exactly why America has slipped into the cesspool of economic and moral depravity that we are now witnessing.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and voice your support of Phil Robertson and his comments.

    We must all rise up and stand for our own principles and not let a very small minority of bullies push us around.

    If we do not fight back against these loser thugs – what will be the result? What will America be like? Can it get worse?

    The left, by attacking and trying to shut up anyone who speaks out against their sick agenda – is the sickness we must fight.

    Please join us today and make your voice heard!

    Help us instill morality back into America’s future and children

    God bless.

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    Non-Cipher August 14, 2014

    I understand what you are saying and I also do not agree with the gay lifestyle, however to say they only make up 6-10% of the nation, so they don’t matter is offensive, especially since I’m a black male and minority in this country. The gay issue is a tricky one for me, because I’d personally like to do away with all gays or treat them ill with no rights in America, however when I think about the struggles and history of black America there are many who felt that same way, and it’s not right in that sense, therefore it cannot be right to treat gays in such manner. This is America and all people deserve to be treated equal no matter their color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. Now with that said, I am no way a liberal, dummycrat or taking any political stance, it’s just human justice. No one should feel alienated. But there’s a catch 22 with that remark, because what’s good for one group is good for another, therefore in years to come pedophiles are going to want their rights and want their voices heard as well, so where does that leave us? This topic has so many slippery slopes. However, for me it’s hard to discriminate on gays, since black people have long been discriminated upon and I know the feeling. I personally was never enslaved, but I’ve seen racism first hand and see how media portray black people as a whole, making us into some out of control animals who only gang bang or cause trouble. While being from the black community, I can tell you some of the nicest and caring people you’ll ever meet are in low-impoverished neighborhoods. Anyway, gays and black minorities are somewhat different, because you have no choice in the color of your skin. For me personally if I did have a choice of skin color it will always be BLACK, because I love myself and my people, but I’m sure there would be some black people who’d love to change their skin color to white or another ethnic group. However, gay people can make a choice, even though I’ve heard some say they are born that way, but I don’t believe it, it’s still a choice at some point in their life. Therefore, in that aspect it makes it difficult to be cold-heartedly in support of the gay movement, such as I don’t believe in gay marriage, because marriage has always been the union of man and woman who intend to reproduce and raise a family. I think television is out of control with exploiting gay activity. It’s hard to watch anything nowadays and not have a gay character pop up. I don’t think we should discriminate on gay people and they shouldn’t have to struggle or passed up on opportunities because of their gayness, but a person doesn’t have to wear their gayness on their sleeve or as a badge of honor, it is a sexual activity that should be left behind closed doors, and if they decide to announce it to the world, then it doesn’t need to be a huge spectacle, just come out the closet and be done with it, no need to hold a press conference or over explain, people will know soon enough or many already knew. The direction this country is going, it’s crazy, but we are soon on the heels of our first gay President. It’s a hard pill to swallow.


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