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  • Why Change America?

    by Founder on January 15, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    This is what Obama wants to do.

    He wants to “fundamentally transform” America into a trashy European style, big government country – and so far, he has been successful.

    When you travel to a different country do you try to change that country? Or do you enjoy that country’s culture?

    The answer is obvious but it appears that those in power feel that have “carte blanche” to try to change America!

    Who the hell are these people? Who is anyone to try to change America to fit their warped views of how the country should be run?

    We already have our blue print and it is called “The Constitution”.

    Obama needs to be in jail – and at the very least IMPEACHED for his treason against the great people of America.

    Obama is trying to change America into the country he believes America should be:

    • Big government.
    • The people dependent on the government for all their needs.
    • Millions on welfare.
    • Millions out of work.
    • Government and Corporate Fascism.
    • Rule by “Executive Order” rather than through the Congress.
    • The dumbing down of children through government sponsored school programs.
    • Government spying into everyone’s private business.
    • The destruction of small businesses.
    • The destruction of the family.
    • The destruction of the middle class.
    • Government controlled Health Care.
    • Watered down military.
    • No border control.
    • Amnesty for all illegals.
    • The destruction of Capitalism.

    And on and on the list goes – consisting of anything and everything that is NOT America.

    Where are the politicians who are against this tyrant?

    They are Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Trey Gowdy just to name a few.

    Ironically, those trying to destroy and transform America are the real greedy ones.

    They try to say that Capitalism is bad and that business owners are greedy – but these slime politicians are the greedy ones.

    They want to live their lives by sucking off tax payer money as they enrich themselves at the expense of others – and they do this for decades.

    These sick politicians are greedy enough to where they do not care about the people of this country – those trying to take over and change America could care less.

    They are destroying America and at the same time destroying the lives of MILLIONS of hard working America loving people.

    Obama doesn’t care about you.

    He only cares about HIS vacations, HIS family, HIS wealth, HIS supporters and HIS future – all at the expense of over 100 million true Americans.

    America was based on our great Constitution and now – each and every day – Obama trashes it, steps on it, spits on it and acts as if it simply did not exist – this, my friends is how a pathetic, shallow, atheist dictator wanna be acts.

    If the politicians in office had any balls they would begin immediate impeachment hearings and rid Washington of the spineless coward Obama for good.

    Health Care – Obama doesn’t care if you lose your health insurance – he has his.

    Housing – Obama doesn’t care if home prices are dropping for MILLIONS of hard working Americans -¬† he has his.

    Incomes – Obama doesn’t care if your income is dropping or stops – he has his.

    Taxes – Obama doesn’t care if your taxes keep going up – he doesn’t “pay” taxes like you or I.

    Energy Prices – Obama doesn’t care if they go up – he doesn’t pay for energy.

    Personal Liberties – Obama doesn’t care if yours are gone or vanishing – he has all the privacy and liberties he wants.

    All in all, it is obvious that he hates America and how she was designed. He wants to force “his version” down your throat – whether you want it or not.

    Please join us here and help rid Obama from Washington forever.

    Join Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you love the true America, if you love Capitalism, if you want small  government Рa much smaller government.

    God bless our great country.

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