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  • RWNJ’s

    by Founder on January 25, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    This is what they call us.

    This is how demented and anti-American these other people are.

    If you love Capitalism and fending for yourself – to them – you are a nut.

    If you love freedom and personal responsibility – to them – you are a nut.

    If you love America and the American flag – to them – you are a nut.

    If you love the traditional family- to them – you are a nut.

    If you believe in and worship God – to them – you are a nut.

    If you want to let the Constitution  be the rule book for the United States of America Рto them Рyou are a nut.

    If you don’t want to pay for the health care of illegal immigrants – to them – you are a nut.

    If you want to call out the Obama government for it’s many crimes of treason against the American people, when they are clearly obvious – to them – you are a nut.

    If you believe in American values of hard work, independence, opportunity, loyalty, dedication, ambition, honesty, respect – all of these and more – to them – you are a nut.

    If you believe that the government should be small, very small – to them – you are a nut.

    If you want the government out of your every day life – to them – you are a nut.

    If you believe in American traditions – to them – you are a nut.

    I could go on and on – but suffice it to say – these people calling us “nuts” – are in the minority – but their voices are loud because of the media.

    Today’s American media is in the back pocket of Obama ‘s White House.

    What sad little people – they have to meet with Obama to find out what their “:talking points” are to be. That is so pathetic – little lib robots – doing what they are told, all for the money.

    The fact that these people have infiltrated our government and really entrenched them selves into our society is frightening.

    It is an uphill battle as we fight the robotic media – as they feed their trash anti-American gibberish to the low information, no ambition Obama supporters.

    This is the sole reason Obama wants to destroy the economy – get millions more on government dependence – through housing, health care, food stamps, phones and soon – more to come.

    This is the only way these people can get votes – by turning their voting base into low ambition, mindless robots waiting for their next morsel – never thinking of bettering themselves in any way.

    RWNJ’s ie Right Wing Nut Jobs.

    This is what these freaks call us.

    They desperately want to change our country.

    These people – would be quickly silenced in most other countries – and this is because these other countries actually value their culture!

    America has no culture anymore – it was steam rolled by the pathetic libs who wanted a “melting pot” from around the world – only problem now this “melting pot” are all on the government dole and have voted in the people who are giving away this “free money”!

    The whole thing is a mess right now.

    The government is way to big — there is too much corruption – no one cares about the Constitution any more – there are no judges to enforce the Constitution – all in Obama’s and the NSA’s back pocket.

    We need to get Obama out of office and elect an individual who values America and America’s culture, language and traditions – it is the only way we can save this great country and stamp out Socialism/Fascism in America forever.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you are for smaller government, more personal responsibility, Capitalism, opportunity to better ones self and all the great traditional American values.

    God bless the future of America – for my kids and yours.

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