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  • America’s Leeches

    by Founder on February 15, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    These are the disgusting Obama supporters.

    These are the “big government” supporters.

    America is now filled with at least 100 million people who rely on the government for their subsistence.

    Of course these people are going to vote for the person who gives them “free money”. This is how Obama does it – this is how he oppresses the people who are dumb enough to support him and his trash policies.

    If you gave out “free money” to everyone you would be extremely popular – and this is simply what the Communist Obama government is doing.

    Look at the people walking around America right now.

    Respect is a thing of the past. No character, no principles or morals.

    The way these people dress is inappropriate IF they were looking for an actual job – therefore they are not looking.

    They dress like slobs, in pajamas, baggy pants, piercings and a complete disregard for all that is decent and good.

    They have an “entitlement” attitude ie. if they don’t get the right amount from the government each month they want to know “where is my money”? “My money”? Yeah right.

    These people have no desire to work – they have no ambition and were simply never taught the way to have ambition. They are losers until taught otherwise.

    Why work in America? – they think.

    Free food, free money, free housing, free health care, free legal help, free phone – and on it goes – at some point this gravy train will collapse. Of course, none of it is “free” – it will all soon collapse and they will be left standing there wondering what happened – demanding their stuff again.

    There are millions and millions of these people in America right now – all sucking off the tax payers – while Obama is stealing from those that have and giving it to his leech supporters – happens every day.

    If America had this set up in the early 1900′s to the 1930′s say – America would NOT have accomplished all the great things she accomplished – all the innovation, technology and hard work.

    America would have long ago collapsed under the weight of all those doing nothing while the few worked hard to support those who did nothing – but complain and wait for their government check.

    Look at the make up of these government leeches.

    White, black, Hispanic – all races. This mentality has infiltrated the youth of this country. It is clear that for the first time a generation is NOT handing over opportunity to the next generation – rather it is handing over poverty and doom.

    America is not the land of opportunity anymore – this was destroyed by the Federal government at Obama’s hand.

    Obama is so weak minded - these wannabe dictators feel they have to incapacitate the people so that are dependent on their government for their lives – all the while making the loser wannabe dictator feel important – all of this for Obama’s sick pathetic ego.

    All so him and Michelle the America hater can rob and steal their way to vacation after vacation – the only real justice is if these two assholes end up in a grimy jail cell somewhere.

    Illegal immigrants are flooding America and they are welcomed by these sick greedy politicians.

    Obama wants to put such a strain on the economic system that is collapses – hence the monster increases in debt at a time we should be slashing the budget by hundreds of billions.

    Obama has only one goal – and this is to bring America to her knees – our only hope is that we still have “We the People”.

    “We the People” are the only ones who can stop Obama and his pathetic supporters.

    It is “We the People” who need to run over this oppressive Federal government and restore liberty and freedom once again to America.

    The political leaders who are doing this to the hard working tax payers of America will get theirs.

    Most of them are atheists who believe in nothing but that we are dust – when they die – they will have a rude awakening.

    These greedy selfish politicians will rot in hell for their transgressions against America - they may “enjoy” their time while alive and here now – but they will get theirs.

    Liberals are sick people and we are unfortunately living among millions of them – we must rise up and right America for the next generation or America will be nothing but a distant past - something in the history books – never to be fully enjoyed like all those over 50 had experienced.

    America has been thrown to the trash heap by Obama so it is now time to throw Obama to the trash heap.

    His supporters are too stupid to realize that he has them all in shackles – the shackles of poverty – welcome to the new America - Obama’s America.

    We need fresh politicians who love America, who believe in America’s greatness – who know that Communism is death – and who know that Obama is the #1 enemy of the tax payer and of those who love America.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Make your voice heard against Communism, against Obama and against his lawlessness.

    We must impeach Obama and correct the dangerous path he is pushing America down.

    Please join us today.

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