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  • Do Not Listen to Obama

    by Founder on March 14, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    He and his policies are trash.

    Obama is desperately trying to destroy America at every turn – and, of course, destroy your life.

    He is filling every level of government with the losers who support his trash policies.

    This is his plan to take over America – to infiltrate every level of government in an effort to control every decision and policy made.

    Why should anyone listen to Obama?

    Just because he says something or tries to implement one of his wacked out “Executive Orders” – why should anyone listen?

    We have something here called the US Constitution. This is the document that guides how decisions are made in America. There is a predefined process.

    We have our Congress and the House of Representatives filled with elected officials who are supposed to be “representing” We the People.

    Instead it has turned into a party for all the politicians – stealing, corrupting, making back room deals, enforcing laws they like and ignoring those they do not like.

    This is a total travesty. An outrage and what are you doing about it?

    Who is doing anything about it?

    Who is stopping Obama?

    Who is trying to stop Obama?

    This man is clearly an illegal immigrant who was scammed himself into the White House – all to push the Progressive/Socialist/Communist agenda to rid America of true Americans.

    Obama hates the middle class and he is trying to wipe them out.

    Obama hates whites and he is trying to snuff them out.

    Obama hates Capitalism and he is trying to rid America of our unique opportunistic form of economy – replacing it with big government dependency and entitlement programs.

    Yet Obama keeps issuing Executive Order after Executive Order and no one blinks an eye.

    According to the Constitution, all decisions made in Washington need to be voted on – not decided by one person!

    This is Obama’s own little private dictatorship and everyone seems to be letting him get away with it!

    Obama is a trashy college loser who can’t even prove where he was born – why would anyone listen to him?

    He was brought up to hate America and to love Communism – and now we are all seeing the fruits of his teachings.

    Obama needs to be thrown from office because of his daily treason against our great country – he needs to be impeached and thrown in jail – but who is going to do this?

    We the People need to stand up and force this to happen.

    We the People are the majority in this country.

    Do not listen to the media, they are all complicit with the White House and Obama’s trashy way of thinking.

    The media tries to get We the People to think we are in the minority – but we are not!

    We the People are over 100 million strong and we shall rise up and take our country back from this cheap dictator wannabe.

    This will happen – the Dems will not win.

    America is being attacked right now – from within!

    We need to act now!

    There is no reason anyone should listen to Obama.

    He is deciding which rules/laws to follow and which he doesn’t want to follow – since when is this allowed?

    How is it that Congress and the House are allowing this crap to go on?

    Are there that many Commies in the Senate and the House that they are enabling Obama to destroy our country?

    Is America being flooded with so many illegals that the population just doesn’t care anymore?

    Is all they care about anymore – just getting their measly government check and not working? Just wasting away until they die?

    This is how Obama wants the American people – all dependent on him for their existence.

    Well, here is one person who will NEVER be dependent on Obama for anything! And there are well over 100 million Americans who feel the same way I do!

    Stop listening to Obama!

    Ignore the loser Muslim!

    Nothing he does or says should be implemented.

    After he is out of office it will be found that he wasn’t even born in America and all he has done was illegal. This will happen – mark my words.

    Congress and the House need to grow a set of balls and get rid of Obama forever – along with the other selfish assholes like Hillary, Reid, Pelosi and the pathetic racist Eric Holder – with the list of others – in the hundreds – who need to be jailed or worse.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitutions and help us boot Obama from Washington and America.

    Join us if you believe in SMALL government, liberty, independence, accountability, hard work, innovation, excellence and Capitalism.

    Join us if you are against everything Obama says and does.

    Join us today and make your voice heard!

    God bless America!

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