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  • Obama Economy Imploding

    by Founder on October 6, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    Just like he has planned.

    Every week/month the highly corrupt Federal government releases economic data indicating the economy is robust and improving.

    Really? Do you believe this?

    Obama is cooking the books and it is all aimed at the morons who believe what Obama says.

    Unemployment is 6%? Yea sure.

    Oh wait, they forgot to include, in their statistics, the 100 million people who are out of work. Oops!

    What kind of moron would believe the crap that the Federal government is spewing.

    This is the type of government that is in Russia or North Korea right now.

    Government control of the media and the information given to the populace.

    Obama thinks you are an idiot – and for the most part he is right.

    There are 100 million people in this country who just don’t care. They are way too busy watching TV, surfing the net or burying their faces in Face Book.

    Why should they oversee what the government is doing? After all Obama says everything is OK, right?

    The President of the United States wouldn’t lie to the American people, right? He loves America, right? He is doing all he can to “fix” America, right?

    Well, the reality of the situation is that Obama is doing everything he can to destroy America and have his Muslim buddies roll right through our land.

    There is nothing good going on in the economy right now.

    • Corporations are being taxed at one of the highest rates in the world.
    • The American tax payer is being taxed at the highest rates in history.
    • 100 million people are out of work.
    • There is zero consumer confidence.
    • The Obama government is the most corrupt in history.
    • Obama opened up the borders to allow a massive influx of diseased illegals to illegally come into the country.
    • This was a terrorist attack facilitated by Obama – and for this alone – he should be rotting in jail.
    • He is sending thousands of our troops into the Ebola hotbed – hoping that they will catch the deadly disease and spread it throughout America.
    • Food prices are higher than ever.
    • Electricity prices are higher than ever.
    • Gas prices are higher than ever.
    • Nothing is occurring right now to give any indication that the US economy is strong or improving – and Obama is seeing to this fact.

    If you are still supporting Obama then you are part of the problem.

    Obama and his wife need to be thrown in jail for their transgressions against our great country.

    The actions these pathetic people have taken are going to effect America for many years to come.

    Do you have small children? What kind of America are they going to grow up in?

    Obama has destroyed America, and for what? So he and the sick politicians can remain in power? That’s it?

    All of these staged “problems” to instill fear in the American public, for what? Only for his selfish reasoning of staying in power?

    These people are sick and they have no concern about destroying you life as long as they have all the free money they want and can control you – they could care less.

    Oh wait – the stock market is doing well, right? The dollar is strong, right? These two points are correct – but it is all part of the manipulation plan by the trashy Obama.

    America is “printing” billions of dollars everyday – printing – creating out of thin air – money – money that means nothing.

    Here is my prediction – as soon as Obama is done in 2016 – the economy will tank like you have never seen before.

    It is being held up right now by massive money creation, cooking the books and everything being done to prop up Obama like he is some savior – when in reality he is a no good, no experience, loser who has sucked off the government his whole life – he will rot in hell – this I know for sure.

    America was a divinely inspired experiment – led by people with principles and morals – only to be taken over by sick, atheists – who hate America.

    If you want to keep on believing everything that comes out of Washington – you go right ahead – but you are in for a rude awakening.

    Every state in the nation, except Indiana and Wisconsin – is massively in debt with underfunded liabilities in the billions.

    All state governments are paying state working 2 – 3 times what they should be paying them. they are providing them with the best health care and the best pensions – but where is this money going to come from?

    After they retire they will still be paid this huge money – and the governments will continue to pay those who are not retired. Do you think this is going to last? The answer – is no – it will not last.

    After Obama is done – it will all implode. But he doesn’t care – he just wants “his” – which is the same pathetic attitude his followers have – hey, if everything is OK today – I am good, right?

    They are all in for a rude awakening.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make you voice heard.

    Join us if you know what is really happening.

    Join us if you are not one of the pathetic “free stuff” libs that Obama is abusing.

    Join us if you against everything and anything Obama and his America hating wife are for.

    Join us to try and help save America.

    God bless.

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    Sam Moore October 8, 2014

    Man, no doubt about it. Anyone who hates Barack Obama do so because they are racist scumbags!

    I’m not a big fan of Obama, but I don’t think he’s a Marxist, Communist,
    racist, or anti-American. I don’t know why it matter if he’s Muslim.
    Most people here who aren’t racist, bigoted, extremist, etc.agree with me.

    How do you reconcile that he has killed more islamic miltants than Bush? That doesnt seem to be very sympathetic to Muslims?

    Where does he admit to be a Muslim?
    He has a good knowledge of Islam… he has Muslims in his family and has lived in Muslim countries where they teach Islam, so of course he knows the basics. How does that make him a Muslim?
    Why does him saying something positive about Islam is anything negative? He is right about history. Yes, the world owes Muslims as well. Why is that so wrong to give them the same appreciation as is given to Christians?

    Why isn’t Barack Obama impeached for being an enemy of America?
    Because he is not.

    You disgsuting racists go as far as to blame Obama for ebola proves how sick you truly are! His trying to give healthcare to Americans is the most traitorous act ever.

    Ebola has been around since the 70′s.
    But just happens to make it to America under the Obama administration?

    Huh… Why would anyone think this is Obama’s fault?
    You racist scumbags might want to look at this!

    , President Obama’s economic policies are working. How else can you explain the strength of the labor market — 248,000 jobs added in September or a 5.9 percent national unemployment rate — the lowest since July of 2008?

    There is additional good news: The Congressional Budget Office reports the deficit is now only 3 percent of GDP, down from nearly 10 percent at the end of George Bush’s administration — with projections for it to be only 2 percent by 2015 (before Obama leaves office). America’s ‘debt problem’ seems largely solved, and almost all due to growth rather than slash and burn economic policies.

    Can ever expect you fac-challenged racists to provide proof of ANYTHING you say.

    I know it makes you sick that the black man is fixing the damages the war-mongering white president caused, but this is just pathetic.

    President Obama – opposed by Denied Racist and extreme right haters…


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