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  • 400th Post – Obama Silently Destroys

    by Founder on October 15, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    I started this site the day after Obama got elected.

    I knew the hell that was to come.

    I could see the severe dumbing down of a society that would vote in someone like this.

    I saw the upcoming lawlessness and blatant corruption.

    I saw the division that was to occur between the races and those that make money and those that don’t work.

    I saw it all coming – because I paid attention – that’s all it took.

    Obama sits back silently destroying America at every turn. He is a coward. He hides from the press and the people as he plays golf. He hides behind the Secret Service as he insulates himself from any criticism or blame.

    We all know this, the man is not an American – he doesn’t carry any of the true American values with him – such as honesty, pride, hard work ethic, earning what you get, independence, trust and bravery.

    Obama is clearly the stealth President – killing our way of life as he slithers unseen doing his dirty deeds.

    His disrespect and hatred for America oozes from his being. He is a coward and will long suffer because of his transgressions against our great society. Let’s look at a few of his memorable moments:

    Stimulus Bills that just shuffled billions to pay off his friends, unions and campaigners. Massive corruption and a thievery of the grandest scale. Impeachable.

    Fast and Furious gun running to drug cartels in Mexico – a disgusting offense against the American people. Treasonous and impeachable.

    Benghazi – a cowardly sacrifice of 4 Americans all for his sick Muslim affiliations. Treasonous and impeachable.

    IRS targeting was a sick and cowardly way to silence his opposition. Massive corruption and a display of the weak Communist that he is. Treasonous and impeachable. His buddy Lois Lerner should spend the rest of her life in jail along with his other complicit buddy – the Iranian Valerie Jarrett.

    NSA spying of every American – starting before Odumbo but as a good man – he should have stopped it in its tracks. A gross over reach of government powers and should serve as jail time to all involved.

    Opening the borders to allow a terrorist attack of flooding every state with illegal immigrants. This was a war declared on America by Obama . Treasonous and impeachable. A sick selfish act that will rot his brain as he thinks about it for the rest of his life.

    The incitement of rioting, racism and hatred among Americans. A sick cowardly frame of mind by a cheap politician who will take a vote any way he can get it. Surely actions that will rot his soul.

    ObamaCare’s takeover of 1/6th of the economy by destroying the greatest health care system that existed. No one wanted it except those that were going to get it for free and the moron politicians pushing it to get more votes.

    Obamacare is his signature disaster and attack on the middle class of this great country.

    Yet through all of this – I believe America will survive.

    Even though the government is dumbing down the new generations so badly – I do believe that there is a little bit of “America” in all of those born here and they will want their freedoms and independence in the long run.

    The sickness of Obama’s destruction will not last forever.

    Please rise up with us and vote this destroyer out while voting in someone who actually loves our country – someone who will secure our borders and free up our economy.

    Please join us and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you are against all that Obama is and does. Help keep the American dream alive. Join us today.


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