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  • Obama Ebola

    by Founder on October 30, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    Gee another tragedy – were supposed to all panic, right?.

    Ebola. Let’s see:

    • Obama wants to bring Ebola patients from other countries here to America to be “treated”.
    • Obama wants to and cheered on the opening of the borders letting in thousands and thousands of diseased illegal immigrants.
    • Obama send 3000 of our troops to Africa to “fight” Ebola.
    • Obama does not want states to quarantine potential Ebola patients.


    Seems to add up to a guy who wants Ebola here, doesn’t it? What other explanation is there?

    It is clear that the Obama administration is against America. It has been clear to me for the past 6 years that Obama hates America.

    Yet there are still people who support him. How can this be?

    How is it that there are still Americans who support Obama? The answer is that there are very few “Americans” supporting Obama.

    Obama’s support comes from non Americans, illegal immigrants and those who are just too stupid to realize what this guy is doing to their lives and their future.

    Why would the President of the United States send healthy America troops – 3000 men and women – to Africa to mingle with those afflicted with Ebola?

    Does Obama want this portion of the military to get Ebola? Very strange.

    Obama’s Presidency is in shambles. He can do nothing right.

    The Obama’s have had their fun. They have traveled all over the world on the tax payer dime.

    They have spent millions of dollars on their vacations and lavish lifestyle – all on the tax payer dime.

    Yet, their time is done.

    Even the brain dead Facebook generation can see that they are getting screwed. They can pull their eyes off of their Facebook account long enough to see that there are no jobs out there and that their personal freedoms are being stolen right from under their iPhone and tablet.

    Obama has done all he can to destroy America:

    • Open the borders to illegals and diseases.
    • Print money (trillions) out of thin air.
    • Destroy America’s relationships with many of our world allies.
    • Tax the middle class to death forcing us to pay for the illegals and those that choose not to work.
    • Created and passed ObamaCare which accounts for 1/6 of the US economy.
    • Strangled business with regulations and taxes prohibiting growth and entrepreneurialism.
    • Fanned race relations by always siding with blacks no matter what the facts of the situation.
    • Pushing a hatred for Israel and Christianity.
    • Creating numerous financial bubbles including Wall Street and the Dow’s performance.

    You take all these actions together and this guy has done all he can – day and night – to bring the great America down.

    But now the people are sick of him and his crap.

    Americans are rising up in anger over Obama’s obvious hatred for Americans and Capitalism.

    The elections coming up will decide the control of the Senate. The Republicans will control the senate and over the next two years will strangle off Obama’s policies and pout America adrift at sea for two years.

    Then in 2016 a Republican President will be elected ridding Washington of the poison that is Obama.

    The control of the Senate will put a stop to Obama’s attempted granting of Amnesty he is going to release after the elections.

    But what will Obama do over the next two years – this is the question. What havoc will he create?

    When will he declare Marshall Law? Not if, but when.

    The people are rising up. I can see it happening.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join us if you are for America and against Obama.

    Join us today.

    God bless.

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