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  • ObamaCare Fraud and Treason

    by Founder on November 13, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    This is how the Democrat party works – they lie. They commit fraud.

    This is how many “dinosaur” Republicans work – they lie. They commit fraud.

    • Nancy Pelosi should be in Jail
    • Harry Reid should be in jail.
    • Barack Obama should be in jail.
    • Jonathan Gruber should be in jail.

    Jonathan Gruber? Yes, this is the lib who actually wrote and designed RomneyCare and ObamaCare. It has recently been discovered that there are videos of speeches this guy has given – admitting that they (Obama and the libs) had to lie in order to pass Obamacare.

    Any well informed American citizen knew they were lying to us from the beginning. Any hard working American was against this ridiculous bill from the very get go.

    However, there is a section, a portion of the population that, no doubt, is clueless. They could care less what is happening in Washington. They are they “entitlement” portion of society who are deaf, dumb and blind to Obama because of all the free stuff they get.

    Plus, the media keeps them stupid because it is the media who they get their information from.

    Yet they are the people Gruber is referring to when he calls the American voter “stupid”. This is what this guy said. Check out the video posted here. He calls you stupid. Do you mind? If you do mind, what are you going to do about it?

    Simply put, these people need to be out of power.

    The 2014 Senate and House elections showed that the true Americans are sick of the bull shit that Obama is spitting out. And this is how it is done. This is what the great Constitution has given to us – the ability to change those in power by a vote.

    It is occurring. The vote happened and the GOP know controls both the House and Senate. But this is also going to really take the mask off of Obama – he is going to go full throttle to further destroy Americana d the middle class.

    “You can keep your doctor”. “You can keep your plan”. “Your cost will go down by $2500″. These are the lies that Obama and his supporters had to tell. And they knew that the voters they were going after were to stupid to question them – they all just believed whatever Obama told them – and now look.

    Everything Obama was spewing was a lie. They had to lie. Gruber admits they had to lie. It is the only way they were able to pass the bill. No Republicans voted for it – not one.

    If you remember, they passed it by using a special procedure of the Congress – a sad pathetic shove down the tax payers throat.

    Nancy Pelosi saying “we need to pass the bill to find out what is in it” – she knew what was in it – and she just wanted to stay in power – this is why she should be rotting in jail.

    This, folks, is treason.

    What does the Constitution say about treason? Article III Section 3

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

    I would say that what Obama has done is “levy war against” us. He is clearly trying to destroy the middle class and America by wealth redistribution – the only way he could achieve this destruction was to openly lie to the American people. He will rot in hell for these actions.

    It is treason against the American people. This needs to be focused on and brought to the attention of every American in this land. Your government lied to you. Obama lied to you. Does this matter to you?

    Any one with a brain, and who actually cares about their country and leaving a better world for their children – knew this was a scam. We knew Obamacare was a dishwater. We are not the stupid ones they were referring to.

    Gruber and Obama relied on their voting base being stupid. The dumbing down of America. Those watching TV all day, or playing their video games or spending 8 hours a day on Facebook – these are the people they were referring to – these are the people who are clueless – these are the “disengaged”.

    But remember, the media is complicit in it all. Did they believe Obama as well? Or were they just reacting to the MILLIONS in pay off dollars Obama was sliding under the table. Either way the people in the media are losers. No character, no principles, no morals and, for the most part, atheists – so sad.

    If you were a true “journalist” would you say what they tell you to say? Or would you be a journalist? Do they look at themselves in the mirror? Such a sad existence – I pray for them all.

    America is there – it has not vanished forever – we must just exert our voices and our Constitution to regain the true America we all love – and leave a better time for our children – not a dull, gray Socialist existence – but one of imagination, vibrancy, ingenuity, creation and opportunity.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Are you upset? Did you know that ObamaCare was sold on many lies? If you read this site you already knew. Obama thinks the American public is stupid and all he has to do is lie and he can pass anything he wants – after all, it won’t effect him – he is shielded from these disasters – he has already robbed the US Treasury of his billions – he is all set.

    But God will be waiting for him – sand he will hand out the just punishment for Obama’s treasonous actions against millions of innocent hard working people.

    Please join us today.

    God bless America.

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    Patrick June 27, 2015

    Is there no one in this damn republic who will do what needs to be done?
    Our constitution makes it clear and now it seems to be up to the people to remove Obama and his gang as well as the federal robes who ruled in his favor.
    They shall pay the price of treason.
    Obama-care is a violation of the constitution and puts the supreme court in contradiction to its earlier rulings.
    What follows will be nothing short of anarchy and the intent of the U.N.. along with it’s founders The powers that be shall find no refuge in their dens,for we will never let them out of their keep.


    Patrick June 27, 2015

    I can see what is to come….you know it as well.
    I will encourage as many as i can muster to pick up arms and begin the sorting of tares. God will witness.
    Americans just want nothing more than to be left unmolested by the cabal in our government,fate it seems has other plans.
    The will of the people has been ignored far to long and uncountable times.
    Our will must be then imposed,our resolve felt.
    Defend the first and if need be with the second.


    Patrick June 27, 2015

    If you believe that some idiot in government is going to be in favor of the people….you are a fool.
    What choice do you actually have but to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood patriots and tyrants?
    Our voices go unheard….so stay on your knees and die a slave or stand and fight for freedom in America our actual country.
    Obama and his judge have etched a line on this my country and is calling our bluff.
    You may edit this all you want but you know what i say is true,Obama and his cronies need to be destroyed….all of them.
    We will then seek out Bush and the blue bloods to be held to the fire.
    UN be damned.


    Patrick June 27, 2015

    If the people don’t revolt….then the fluoride has done it’s job and we are all doomed to be slaves and spare parts for the super wealthy.
    This isn’t going to go well for anyone….but it is going to go.
    I believe we have all had enough of the self proclaimed king and i for one,care not for his well being.
    Even if Obama was drowning…i would refuse to remove my foot off his head.
    What do you think is being done to all of us?
    You will suffer and die or you will fight and perhaps live in freedom.


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