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  • Amnesty Treason

    by Founder on November 21, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    A lawless unConstitutional plan.

    The mask is off. It has been off for several years.

    After Obama got elected for his second term – the mask surely was off.

    Obama has used an Executive Order to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

    This is how these sick Democrats get votes.

    They have to completely screw the hard working American citizens by allowing illegals freedom in this country – by allowing them the right to vote – by allowing them to walk the streets without fear of deportation.

    What other country would do this? The answer is none.

    No other country has politicians is insane enough to believe this is how to stay in power. The Obama Democrats believe this is how to stay in power by automatically adding 5 million Democrat voters to the voter logs.

    How is America to support these people? It can’t. Will they all get jobs to support themselves? No they will not and Obama knows this.

    These 5 million illegals – most of whom are already on the government dole – do not wish to assimilate into America society. They wish to trumpet their own country – their own flag – their own language.

    The America tax payer is already being pushed to the limit by the Obama administration – through higher taxes, ObamaCare, more regulation, higher inflation and the ever growing “police state” that Obama believes is necessary to keep the populace in check.

    Obama is not a King. America has no King – we have a checks and balances system to keep each of the three government branches “in check” – so why is Obama being allowed to issue edicts and everyone just falls in line?

    Who is going to stand up against this asshole? Who is going to throw Obama in jail?

    Why are the American people and our representatives in government just allowing Obama to act like a King and issue edicts? Why is this happening?

    We the People must stand up to this tyrant. Throw him in jail! Now! Go into the White House drag him out and rid the country of this Communist poison.

    Obama is doing all he can to destroy America and Congress and the House are just letting him do it.

    What happens if the people revolt? Will Obama’s army of followers in the military strike back against the American people?

    If the people challenge Obama’s authority will he sick the police and the military on the people? Marshall law anyone?

    Our politicians who actually represent the hard working citizens of this country need to grow a set of balls! this is outrageous! Stop Obama now! Stop him in his track!

    It is the middle class that is getting squeezed. It is the middle class that is being suffocated by Obama and his hatred for America. he has done enough – it is time to rise up and stop this pathetic human being from doing any more damage.

    Obama puts the illegals ahead of true citizens – this is sick – and he deserves to be severely punished for his TREASON against America and the American tax payer.

    The GOP better do something and do it now.

    Deport all illegals! get them out of our great country now!

    Close the borders – do not let any more illegals into our country – stop the bleeding!

    Illegals should have ZERO rights in this country – they are ILLEGAL! I am sick of it!

    Obama will rot in hell. His legacy will be that of an angry , racist who hated America and did everything he could to bring us down.

    But he will not succeed. Obama will not last forever. At some point he will be gone and rotting in the ground and America will again thrive as the greatest country in the world.

    We will once again have a thriving economy and a patriotic population.

    Obama is trying to dilute out the American citizen. he is trying to make the American citizen extinct!

    We must fight back.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard!

    Do not sit back and let Obama run rough shod over our lives! We must rise up as a people and demand his ouster!

    Please join us if you are against amnesty for the illegals.

    Please join us if you are against Obama and all that he thinks and does.

    Please join the fight against Obama the tyrant today.

    God bless America.

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