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  • Ferguson Protestors are Obama

    by Founder on November 29, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    Who are the Ferguson protestors?

    What are their back grounds?

    Who did they vote for? Did they vote?

    Where do they have to be tomorrow?

    Do they have jobs? Are they employed, productive, tax paying citizens?

    Do they want to work?

    How do they get money to live?

    Where do they live? How do they pay for their “home”?

    What is happening in Ferguson represents all that Obama is. This is how Obama was taught to deal with social situations – “inequalities” – in his warped, anti-America mind.

    Hundreds of people, with what appears to be all the time in the world – with no concerns of income – are disrupting traffic and the every day activities of hard working tax paying citizens – so what are we to do?

    Should these people be arrested? Yes.

    Should these people be removed? Yes.

    By what ever means necessary – the authorities need to have these people physically removed – if they are going to play dead and be limp – just drag ‘em away – and put them in jail for at least a year.

    But who are these people?

    When Michael Brown was shot and killed by Darren Wilson – I agree that it was NOT justified and the officer went way over the top – he clearly lost his head – you cannot fire 12 shots and NOT lose your head for a moment.

    Once he had hit him a few times – before the fatal shot to the head – he clearly should have stopped shooting – just wound the guy – killing him was not necessary based on the facts of the situation.

    Brown was found 153 feet from the cop car – that is a problem for the cop. So I understand the anger of the Ferguson citizens and I understand the anger of the black communities throughout the country – but having these rogue “representatives” of the communities by disrupting traffic and disrupting the lives of hard working tax paying citizens?

    These hard working tax paying citizens are both  – black and white. So why are they “protesting” in this manner? Is this a designed protest? Is this the dirty work of, say a – community organizer? Is this how these Commies operate? The answer is “yes” – this has Obama written all over it.

    Obama wants disruption – another reason to tighten the grip of the government around your neck – until you can’t breath any more. He wants police presence. He wants to control every aspect of your life and it (the outcome) ‘aint pretty.

    So, just what does it matter anyway? Black or white? Who cares? Why is it an issue? It is mindless. Race should never be an issue – we are all humans – we are all the same – race is for the stupid – the mindless – the people with nothing else to do or think about. This is what they do.

    However, those with a mind are moving forward with their lives – they are the ones whose car’s are being blocked – they are the ones whose businesses were burned down.They feel te same way as the “protestors” but they are dealing with it in a different way – an educated way – not a brutish way.

    For the future of America – and to wipe this ugliness that Obama is breeding – out of this country – these protestors need to be dealt with and physically removed from the situation! Make them pay the price – they have no right to disrupt other person’s lives because of their beliefs. Period.

    This is a problem for America right now and it threatens the civility of all future generations. We the People need to stand up and see to it that Obama’s lawlessness is replaced with civility and rule of law – we must stand strong for the Constitution.

    It is the local police forces that have to deal with these pathetic race obsessed people – but where are these people coming from? Is this organized? The sad answer is “yes” it is organized – this is the ugliness that Obama wants – this is all part – a component – of their sick plan.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. This is what we have – we have our voice – millions of them – and we have the Constitution – they can laugh at it all they want – but what else are they going to do?

    We the People shall prevail – America’s ideal will last through this onslaught of Communism and Dictatorship type of control.

    Please join us today.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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