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  • de Blasio Fanning the Flames

    by Founder on December 6, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    Talk about “fanning the fires”.

    Mayor de Blasio has now become Obama’s spokesperson.

    Because he is married to a black woman and has biracial children – de Blasio feels he has the free pass to claim racism for the entire black race – and appear to be more believable than the next guy because – he is white!

    Obama cannot say what this guy is saying – but he would love to. What has de Blasio said regarding the NYC police killing of Eric Garner?

    “This is now a national moment of grief, a national moment of pain, and searching for a solution . . . We’re not just dealing with a problem in 2014, we’re not dealing with years of racism leading up to it, or decades of racism — we are dealing with centuries of racism that have brought us to this day”.

    OK, the Ferguson case had violence and a criminal who was on the loose – this guy was no innocent man – and he clearly threatened the officer’s life – both physically and verbally – according to witnesses (black witnesses) – so using our brain, common sense and logic – the outcome was correct – very sad – but correct.

    The Eric Garner case is sick. I understand the total outrage against those that decided not to indict the officer who clearly killed Garner. This man should not have been killed. The cop had him in a sick choke hold – that should be IMMEDIATELY let go once the perpetrator is showing signs of breathing difficulties – I do not understand how the officer cannot – in this situation – face charges.

    But it is not a time for the Mayor of NYC to throw the cops under the bus – yes, throw that one particular cop under the bus – but not the entire police force!

    Do you realize what type of job they have everyday? I would like to see mayor de Blasio darn a uniform and go out in the field being a NYC police officer and see what he does! See who the people are that you encounter everyday! See how many guns are out there – in the wrong hands. See what these cops have to face EVERYDAY!

    So, who are those that are committing the crimes? Do you think the police are going after those that are NOT committing crimes? Of course not. The cops go where the problems are. Without the cops it would be a lawless wild west that would not end well. And yet the Mayor irresponsibly paints the entire police force in a racist light.

    The police – especially in NYC do a tremendous job of keeping order. It is not racism by the cops – they are dealing with who is committing the crime – simple as that – and who is committing the crimes? The one’s they deal with – think about it.

    Plus the nit wit Obama admits that he calls de Blasio and THANKS him for the statement! Another racist fanning the flames of division.

    Let’s face it people, Obama wants a race war in America so he can further tighten the grip of control around the neck of the tax paying legal citizens. It is so clear. If you support Obama in any way – then you hate America and the ideals that America holds true.

    de Blasio also says he gave this advice to his 17 year old son: “to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers – who are there to protect him”.

    OK, so how many “encounters” have you had recently, or in your life time – with a police officer? I haven’t had any in the past 15 years or so – gee, I wonder why? Maybe it is because I am busy! I am productive! I mind my own business! I am striving to better myself at all times and provide a good future for my children.

    I am not out in the street where the cops are. I am not in the street causing problems or disrespecting authority.

    THIS is what these young people who are protesting need to do. They need to be productive. They need to strive to be the best they can be. Focusing on a negative is not the way to achieve your goals. Focusing on racism and disrupting society is not the answer.

    Get busy with your life! Start a business! Be productive! Be loving.

    I know it is tough out there based on Obama’s hatred for productivity and businesses – but it can be done.

    Just why does de Blasio assume his son is going to have “encounters” with the police? And to “take care” when dealing with them. Is the kid out in the streets? Is the kid doing something he shouldn’t be doing?

    So who is committing the crimes? Who are the police going after? Who is it that always seems to be the target of the police? The cops go where the problems are.

    If it were all white people committing the crimes – the cops would be having “encounters” with them. The cops will engage who ever is committing the crimes. So, think about it.

    Remember, it is liberal Obama policies that have put the entire black population in the chains of government dependence – and convincing them that THAT is whet they want. Obama has stripped the American dream from black youth.

    Yet many are starting to see that the government and Obama’s Socialist Communist Fascist policies are destroying their lives and opportunity/desire for growth.  Obama and those before him – that want big government – have caused this dilemma – it is NOT “CENTURIES of racism”!

    These, so called, leaders are doing society no favors by fanning the flames of division and racism.

    Please join us here and promote productivity, peace, love and opportunity.

    Love for all races. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin we are all created equal – no one is better than another. Each person has the ability for greatness – this is how we were created and this is what a great country like America – with it’s Capitalism can provide to EVERY ONE.

    Please join us today and make your voice heard.

    God bless America and our children’s future.


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