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  • North Korea Terrorist Attack

    by Founder on December 19, 2014

    in Voice of the People

    North Korea has successfully hacked into Sony Pictures and threatened violence against America.

    What does Obama do? Nothing.

    North Korea threatened that if the movie “The Interview” is shown in movie theaters that they will blow up the theaters and everybody in them.

    Is this an act of war? Duh, yes.

    Is North Korea afraid of America in any way? No.

    They see who is now President of the United States – a complete dumbo.

    Obama has proven over the past 6 years that he is a clueless idiot who some how got elected to the Presidency – Affirmative Action at its worst.

    North Korea hacked into the Sony computer network and stole data, emails etc on thousands of people including Hollywood “celebrities”.

    The movie is a disgusting farce that makes fun of killing the leader of North Korea.

    Who would possibly think this is a good idea for a movie? Especially coming at a time where America is hated throughout the world – thanks to the idiot Obama.

    North Korea is a hard core Communist country – who, by the way, also own many nukes.

    Don’t mess with North Korea as they have already tested the missiles pointed in our direction. Well, don’t mess with them when the leader of our military is a liberal pussy.

    Obama has decreased our nuke weapon supply by 85% since he has been in office! And the world knows it.

    Putin has no fear of Obama – he knows Obama is a weak, naive fool.

    North Korea has no fear of Obama.

    These countries know that almost whatever they do – Obama will do nothing. Oh, he may throw some sanctions at them – but he is way too much of a pathetic lib to stand tall to these people and garner respect in the world.

    Obama is way too caught up in destroying America to be concerned about his standing amongst other leaders in the world. Obama is preoccupied.

    Obama is preoccupied with racism, dividing America, destroying the dollar and destroying the middle class through his Obamacare – yes, Obama has been busy.

    So, Obama has no time for these world leaders – he is too busy playing golf or having parties in the White House – Obama is preoccupied.

    Well, in the words of his buddy, Reverend Wright – “the chickens are coming home to roost”.

    Because of Obama’s horrendous, absentee leadership of America and because of Obama’s destruction of the US military’s moral, passion and weapons supply – the world no longer has fear of America.

    This is a very dangerous position to be in. The first time in our lives – America is very vulnerable to the will of other countries.

    Now, in the first of its kind, North Korea launches a cyber terrorist attack on a top American film maker – and nothing is being done except everyone cowering in fear.

    Obama knew this was happening – and when Sony made the decision to pull the movie instead of running it – Obama said “I wish they had contacted me”. Really?

    For a terrorist attack on America and the threatening of lives through bombings – the president needs a phone call?

    This guy is a joke – a bad joke – a nightmare.

    Let’s keep in mid America has been under terror attack from the first day Hussein Obama took over. A terrorist attack from within – at that time the only way to cripple America. Now America is vulnerable even from an outside attack – Obama would hide in the corner and pee his pants.

    America is in trouble right now.

    We are giving up our rights of freedom of speech because we are afraid of another country and their threats?

    This is a sad day for America. I am sure our troops who gave their lives defending our great Constitution are rolling over in their graves.

    Please join us here as we fight to regain America’s strength.

    Join us if you believe in free speech and American exceptionalism.

    Join us if you are against the Sony decision.

    Join us if you against anything and everything Obama – and if you can see him for who he truly is.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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