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  • Anti-America Obama

    by Founder on January 3, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    Welcome to America 2015.

    100 million people out of work and Obama wants you to believe that unemployment is below 6%.

    47 million people on food stamps and Obama wants you to believe that the economy has never done better.

    Manufacturing in America at an all time low – and Obama wants you to believe that our economy is growing.

    Racial division at pre 1960 levels and Obama wants you to believe that he is the great peace keeper.

    America’s involvement in 5 separate wars and Obama wants you to believe that he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

    ObamaCare about to kick in and Obama wants you to believe that – no matter what – if you like your plan and your doctor you can keep them.

    IRS being used as a political weapon by the Federal government and Obama wants you to believe that there wasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption.

    Benghazi and Fast and Furious now being buried as events that happened long ago – and Obama wants you to believe that he had nothing to do with either of them.

    America’s open borders with no recourse and Obama wants you to believe that he had nothing to do with this – as he attempts to pass amnesty for 10 million illegals here ILLEGALLY.

    The trashing of the Constitution from the first day he was in office and Obama wants you to believe that he is willing to work with both parties.

    The income disparity in our great nation has never been worse – and Obama wants you to ignore his multi million dollar vacations ($44 million in total spent so far).

    Are you one of the ones who believe what Obama is selling?

    Are you one of the idiots Gruber is referring to when he says the American voters are “stupid”?

    If you believe anything that Obama is saying – then YES you are stupid. You are uneducated. You are a moron. You are an Obama supporter. Congratulations.

    America is filled with idiots right now.

    America is filled with people who just don’t give a damn – as long as they get theirs – they are good.

    America is increasingly filled with people who hate America.

    Look at the losers marching in the streets protesting whatever is the hot topic at the time – race, bankers, inequality.

    These are the idiots supporting Obama and these are the same idiots that his is screwing right up the ass – and they don’t even know it.

    America – our once great country – is in big trouble right now. Obama has destroyed a good portion of our greatness and it is going to take someone who actually loves America and our Constitution to instill some greatness back into our great land.

    No one has the balls to stop Obama. No one has the balls to stand up to this affirmative action loser. he just seems to do what he wants without anyone stopping him. How sad.

    Obama will get his. No one lives forever. People seem to live to about 100 and they die.

    This happens to all – including Obama – he will someday die and rot away as his soul burns in hell through eternity for the lies and transgressions he has committed against millions of hard working American citizens. He will get his.

    America is a greatness that will live beyond the poison that is Obama.

    A leader will rise up – one who understands the greatness that America offers – and he or she will steer this great ship back to the greatness that has been our trademark for hundreds of years.

    Whether it be the next President or the next after that – someone will rise up and make a mockery of the trash that Obama has been delivering.

    Let 2015 be a year that the American tax payer fights back against the loser Obama. may this be the year that We the People rise up and show Obama that he is meaningless and was merely a fly in the ointment – a speed bump to greatness.

    Let America close her borders – tighten the ship – offer opportunity – offer growth – offer peace, love and harmony.

    Get the ugliness out of America – let us vanquish Obama out of Washington and politics forever. may he always be shunned and embarrassed a as the America hater I always knew he is and was.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Rise up and speak out against all that is the Commie Obama.

    Obama hates you – it is now your turn to tell him what you think.

    Speak out by voting against anything and everything Obama.

    Vote against all Democrats – they are all patsies and pansies for this loser.

    republicans suck too – but let us first vanquish all democrats – they are sick selfish losers who will all rot in hell.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

    God bless the Constitution.

    God bless the future of our great country.

    Please join us today.


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