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  • Obama No Show

    by Founder on January 12, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    It’s official – Obama was a no show in Paris to show solidarity against Muslim terrorism.

    He was a no show – along with the other political losers – Eric Holder, John Kerry and Joe Biden.

    Let’s face it – Obama is a Muslim who supports radical Muslims – Eric Holder is a Muslim who supports radical Muslims and the other two are just idiots who follow what ever they are told to do.

    Not all Muslims are terrorists – but ALL terrorists are Muslims!

    What has Hussein Obama ever done against the Muslims? Nothing.

    What has Hussein Obama ever said against the Muslim terrorism? Nothing.

    Obama and his loser band of idiots didn’t show because they support this Islamic terrorism – this is who they are.

    They hate America and want America destroyed and they want Muslims to rule not only America but also the world – this is how sick they are and how stupid their supporters are.

    Everything the sick Muslim Obama does is based on a lie. he lies to the American people everyday.

    You can count on this – whatever Obama says – he believes the opposite – whatever he says he only says to appease the American public. And a good portion of the people cannot possibly fathom that he hates America and Americans – this is how far in the sand his idiot voters have their heads.

    More than 40 world leaders marched in Paris denouncing the despicable acts by these sick Muslims – but there was no American “leaders” in sight.

    Obama silently cheers on these radical Muslims – heck he provides them with weapons – he pushes away our traditional allies and tries to buddy up with America’s enemies – any more proof needed?

    The moron Gruber was 100% correct – the American public – at least half of them are stupid.

    Those who support Obama are only doing it because they have no ambition or desire to better their lives – they are happy with “free stuff”.

    America is in big trouble right now.

    Obama has appointed Muslims to all levels of federal government – judges and political positions are filled with those supportive and sympathetic to Muslims.

    Obama is a poison – he needs to be removed from politics and Washington forever.

    If you are not mad at Obama you are not an American. He hates you – why don’t you despise this man?

    Why would you vote for this person? He is trying to destroy your American dream and the dreams of millions of others just trying to “get by”.

    The America public needs to wake up to just how evil and anti-American Obama is – I have known this since November 2008 when this site was started – now the American public needs to wake up!

    I say, round up all radical Muslims. If they are on Facebook or Twitter and they are condemning America in any way – round them up and deport their ass.

    It is so obvious what has to be done – to an America citizen that is – deport them, seal our borders and deny any of them entrance into our great land.

    But Obama? He releases them from Guantanamo and he invites the cells into America – what more evidence do you morons need?

    Obama is for terrorism. Obama is for Muslims – he is a Muslim – wake up!!!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Speak up while we still can. Grow a set of balls and support America!

    Do all you can to voice your feelings and opinions against Obama and all thet he stands for.

    Please join us today – the clock is ticking and America is looking less and less like America each and every day.

    God bless America.


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