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  • America Out of Control

    by Founder on February 6, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    Obama has certainly succeeded on many levels. He has succeeded at moving forward his agenda – and he dragged along his legion of other leech supporters.

    America is out of control.

    Really, an out of control population – half working – half not working – the half not working vote for Obama and the half actually working and paying taxes ( the true Americans) vote against Obama.

    Crazy racism chants and accusations, a beefed up police presence, governments spending billions and wasting billions with no care for the future – the Federal debt is over $18 Trillion!

    Where is the law any more? Where is the justice?

    Who is following the Constitution any more? Save a handful in the House and Senate.

    What has happened to America?

    This is not the America I grew up in.

    Back in the 70′s as a kid just over 10 years old – I never heard about the government – I never read about the government – I never thought about it – they did not intrude into and dominate my life.

    We at least had political representatives who cared about the tax payers and who really did love America – today – no more.

    I lived my life – I went to school had lots of friend – did my home work at night – played sports – and grew up as a kid.

    Today’s America is overly intrusive. The government wants a piece of everything you are doing – especially if you are a tax payer – if you do not pay taxes and are on government assistance – they don’t bother you – they just give you free stuff.

    The media is way overly intrusive in our lives. With 24/7 news coverage they constantly needs things to talk about – which is why topics are beat into the ground with excessive coverage.

    There is no law in Washington DC.

    Obama is doing what he wants to do.

    Obama is spitting on the Constitution everyday. He doesn’t care about the document – and rather despises it.

    America is out of control.

    Obama is supporting the Muslims (he is Muslim) – he is appointing Muslims to all levels of government – and he is running this country how he wants to run it – no checks and balances.

    This is the problem – no checks and balances – where is the Senate? Where is the House?

    How can they allow Obama to make law in the White House? law is made in the Congress – this is written in the Constitution.

    The problem is that the Congress and the House are filled – for the most part – with self serving power hungry politicians – who want to keep robbing the Treasury for their pay and perks – why would you want to leave that?

    Who will stand up for the tax payers and for Conservative American values?

    Like not relying on the government for your existence!

    Will this ever end?

    Are there too many people sucking off the government – and loving every minute of it?

    Is it so far gone that it cannot be reeled in?
    I will vote for Scott Walker. He has crushed the pathetic liberals in Wisconsin (numerous times) – and he has a strong political machine plodding away. He has a chance – but we have to get behind him.

    The typical RINO in DC does not want Walker – this is even more reason he would make a good President – he will restore America back to a semblance of what she was.

    America needs a change in direction – or we are just another country in the world – nothing special – just a government controlled and stifled country – a run of the mill country.

    Do you want this?

    Do you want this for your children?

    Do you want your children to have opportunity and cthe chance for growth?

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and help stand for a candidate who will actually follow the Constitution – Scott Walker.

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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