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  • Republicans Suck

    by Founder on February 12, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    We already know the Democrats suck because of their liberal policies and pathetic view of government’s involvement in our lives.

    But what about the Republicans?

    There are some good ones – Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker – to name a few – but for the most part Republicans suck.

    The GOP was supposed to be our great protector – protecting us from the sick Obama policies.

    They are supposed to protect the tax payers from the out of control Federal government that Obama is using to destroy our great country.

    But where are they?

    The House passed a bill to defund Homeland Security and to stop the funding for Obama’s ridiculous “Amnesty” program – but the Republican controlled Senate did not pass it!

    Where are the guardians?

    Who is going to stop Obama?

    Is it John Boehner? No!

    Is it Mitch McConnell? No!

    These spineless fools have no intention or desire to stop Obama.

    The Republicans are letting down America.

    They are letting Obama do whatever he wants.

    Based on the treasonous acts of Obama the past 6 years – he should have been impeached long ago – but it looks like someone else is pulling the strings.

    No one seems to be following the Constitution.

    Obama could care less about the Constitution – we know this.

    Obama is a radical Muslim who hates America and who – somehow – got elected to the US Presidency.

    How can this happen?

    It all makes you think that it is no longer up to the American tax payers any more – there is some other entity or group controlling the outcome of our elections.

    Will Obama finish out his 2 terms by doing whatever he wants – with no one objecting?

    The Republicans suck!

    Some one needs to stand up against the Muslim tyrant dictator wannabe!

    Stop Obama now! Stop him in his tracks! He is destroying our great land and the Republican party is doing nothing about it!

    Do you know how many changes need to be made to restore America back to being the true America? So many of Obama’s policies need to be repealed and reversed just to get us headed back in the right direction.

    Capitalism? Obama hates it – except the part where he gets to enjoy all the benefits of capitalism. This goes for all the Commie loving rulers through out the world. They want the people to live a dull mundane life – completely subsistent on the government – but they themselves want to live a life of opulence and extravagance.

    Freedom and Independence? Obama hates it. He wants you to be dependent on the government for all you do – he wants to control all aspects of your life.

    And while all this control and destruction is going on – while all the lawless actions of Obama are discovered – the Republicans do nothing.

    They try to act like they want to stop Obama – but what has been done? In what way has Obama been stopped from doing anything he wants to do?

    Obama steals millions from the Treasury for his vacations with his family – and no one does anything about it.

    Obama has art work purchased for the White House at $40.,000 a painting! Yet who does anything about this incredible wast? No one.

    Obama is a sad pathetic human being. He will some day rot in hell for his transgressions against the millions of tax paying Americans whose lives he has ruined.

    Yet the Republicans sit on their ass and do nothing.

    When will America be righted again? Who will get America back on track?

    Step 1 – get Obama out of office.

    The American tax payers need to rise up and vote these losers out of office. We need to use the Constitution to our favor. We need to vote these bums out!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Do not stay silent! Stand up for America!

    God bless America.

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