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  • Dictator Obama

    by Founder on March 2, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    Are all you idiot liberals happy now?

    You showed your stupidity by voting for Obama  and now your stupidity is being exposed again as you realize the utter devastation of his policies.

    You can all rest in peace knowing you have contributed to the fall and decline of the greatest country on the planet – the United States of America.

    Obama is now governing America like he is a King – making decrees about this and that:

    • Banning AR-15 bullets – one man banning them? Hmmmmmmm.
    • Granting “amnesty” to 5 million illegal immigrants with the wave of a wand – one man making the decision?
    • Writing “law” as he goes – deciding which ones to follow and which ones to ignore.
    • Controlling the mindless and spineless media – as he orchestrates the daily news of the main stream losers.
    • Single handedly destroying the greatest Health Care system in the world and replacing it with a plan to redistribute America’s wealth – from the middle class to the upper and lower classes.
    • ObamaNet? A narcissist loser gaining control over the internet? It won’t be pretty folks.

    So, what country is this? Is it Russia? Or perhaps North Korea?

    No this is America and we have been taken over by a terrorist Community Organizer thug who wants to impose his own sick will on every middle class American.

    Obama the wannabe dictator is filled with hate – just as his wife is.

    They hate America, they hate Americans, they hate the middle class, they hate white people, they hate Capitalism (except when they steal and use money) they hate Jews – wanting to wipe out all of Israel and they hate Christianity.

    Other than that – the lovely Obama’s don’t have any hate in them!

    As I have said many times before the Obama mask is off – his ugly Commie side has been showing for quite some time.

    I get a kick out of all these people coming out and saying something bad about Obama – how they all back pedal and/or apologize for what they said – to me? This is sickening.

    Look at the recent Rudy Gulliani fiasco – the guy comes out and says Obama hates America and that he is a Commie – and? What is the problem? They are both true statements.

    It is obvious Obama hates America and it is obvious Obama is trying to instill Communism into our great country – so why the problem with some one saying this?

    The media – who is in Obama’s back pocket – attacks Gulianni for being a racist etc – so what is with the media? Are they that stupid hat they do not see it themselves? Or are they in the bag – also wishing for a Communist take over of our great country?

    This, again, points out how stupid liberals are. They defend Obama to the end – EXCEPT – when they realize his policies are screwing them too! It is hilarious to watch – as the pathetic liberals cry about a policy they helped pass through.

    Why is it that our pussy politicians cannot stand up to Obama? Why does Obama keep getting his “Executive” Actions put through like they are law? How can this happen? Only Congress can create law – yet Obama says something and it becomes law?

    Impeach the loser right now! Who cares the ramifications – just get him out! But the GOP is afraid to – how pathetic. We need real men – we need real leaders – those who love America and who will stand up for our great Constitution.

    Vote for Scott Walker in 2016. We cannot let another rigged election dictate who is elected. Obama is such scum he can live with winning by rigging the election – he doesn’t care as long as he can rape and pillage the US Treasury for his 1%er life style.

    It is sickening what Obama has done – and it is even sicker to watch Congress and the House allow it all.

    We the People need to rise up and take back our country – and it must begin now!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Do not be afraid! Stand up and voice your opinion!

    God bless America.


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