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  • It Will Not Be Called “Marshall Law”

    by Founder on March 7, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    It’s coming folks.

    It is all part of the plan for the Muslim takeover of this great country – with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm. Such an American sounding name, isn’t it? He must really love our country, right?

    You don’t think his main goal is to create “societal disruption” and chaos within society?

    Obama is collapsing the economy right in front of everyone’s eyes but very few call him on it.

    Obama eventually wants the tanks rolling in the streets – for “control” purposes – then he’s got you. And it is only then that his brain dead puppet media will realize that they have been promoting a terrorist intent on destroying their lives – same goes for all libs.

    Obama has secretly and not so secretly been allowing illegal immigrants to not only pour into this country but to also to receive tax benefits and a shit load of freebies. All at tax payer expense.

    Really most of it is just printed money – money the government just creates out of thin air – which, of course, will lead to the eventual collapse of the economy – like nothing seen before.

    Once this happens – and currently Obama is also fanning the “racism”¬† flames with his Ferguson comments – the plan will all fall into place.

    Obama will be able to whip out his personal military that he has been building over the past 6 years. Why do you think the government has been buying billions of rounds of ammo? And all different departments of government are buying them – not just the military.

    Then it will be announced that there is a “government continuance” plan that was going to go into effect. Whatever they call it – the slick Obama will not call it “Marshall Law”. He has to make sure his numb and dumb supporters understand it – and that it is not “bad”.

    Yes sir, mark my words – that is the plan. Obama can see himself doing this in 2016 – probably by spring time – and guess what? Can’t have an election during all that chaos, right? With all the anarchy in the streets – and the violence and the shooting – we couldn’t possibly go ahead with an election, right?

    So, Obama will have to continue on. This is the plan – guaranteed it is his dream. The Obama’s want to steal from the US Treasury for the rest of their lives so can afford all those million dollar lavish vacations (Capitalism be damned, right Obama?).

    He wants the minorities to rule the nation – to create a “nation within a nation” – a group of people – who he declares citizens as he spits on the Constitution again – this will then push the “middle class” into the minority and into the shadows – forever to be financially raped at the expense of the government slobs and their brain dead supporters.

    Very sad – not the America I grew up in. I Would sure like my kids to have a chance – and not be indoctrinated into a world of government dependence.

    We all need to rise up. We all need to take this very seriously – I know Obama the puppet does – as well as his “handlers”.

    Please join me at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    We Americans – We the People – must stand up for the Constitution! Who is this social worker Obama to change how our great country is run?

    We must stand for the Constitution, it is all we have.

    Have the courts been infested with so many anti-Constitution judges that it is an impossible feat? Is it too late? I do not know – but I do know there are still Constitution abiding judges out there and many of them at very high levels – including the Supreme Court.

    Please stand up and join us in the fight to regain our country – to set it right.

    To once again offer job opportunities to those who want to come to the country. – not just give them free stuff. To train them – to teach them the American values of hard work and self reliance.

    The government needs to be drastically cut concerning expenditures  РI would think at least in half Рsetting all those government leeches out into the real world and then being able to provide them with job opportunities Рas the tax rate would be drastically reduced on businesses.

    It’s all fairly simple – that is if you love Capitalism and self reliance – but if you are a government leech, sick Commie narcissist who wants a power trip for the rest of your life – then your plan is a bit more complicated. There is a lot of lying involved – which he is addicted to like a drug.

    We must fight back and let the forces of good and God guide us to victory and the raising of the American flag – once again.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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