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  • Indiana and LGBT

    by Founder on March 31, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    Are you falling for the crap that the Progressive main stream media is printing about Indiana?

    Indiana just passed a law stating that if a business didn’t want to cater to or serve the demands of the LGBT community – then they do not have to – however you still are required to if you take public funds.

    Do you realize that the gay community represents maybe 2% of the entire population? Yet the media makes it out like they are a huge portion of the population.

    The media, the White House and all the liberal politicians use the issue to brand Conservatives as being “discriminatory” – yet in America – if you start and own your business – it is your business!

    In a Free Market system you should be able to serve who you want. And not serve who you want. This is the beauty of Capitalism and the Free Market system of economics.

    Because if that business chooses not to deal with a certain section of society – and it greatly hurts their revenue? Then they will go out of business – Capitalism is as simple as that. Then it is the other businesses who cater to “all” for instance – that shall prevail.

    However, in the recent past there have been numerous examples of the persons business getting MORE business – in a show that there are far more non gay – 10:1 – than there are gay – yet it is only the “media” makes it look like they are in the majority.

    I have a business and I could care less who I served – I give the best service and respect to the person no matter who they are – but that is me. If another business chooses to do otherwise? Then that is their decision – the market will bear out their fate – but it is their business – no one elses – they built it – not the government!

    But for our newly Commie government tries to FORCE an independent entrepreneur to cater to certain groups? Then that is early Germany – that is North Korea – that is Putin, that is Venezuela – is this where you want to live?

    This is America – “land of the free and home of the brave” – and that’s what it takes – you are free to build your own future and it takes bravery to do it – this is the opposite of how liberals think – they are dependent on the government and that is just who they are – but it is not who America is!

    Indiana is making this law because it effects such a small section of society. It is only the media who makes it a bigger deal than it is. And, I think it is well known that many in the media are gay – so they push their agenda – the others going along are just bleeding heart libs who “feel” but do not “think”.

    Let Indiana do what they want – if the people vote it in then so be it – that is America.

    If you don’t like it, and you happen to live there, then move out – find a nice place where they cater to whatever your situation is. Who are you to demand of others when we are here as a gift from God and our time is so short? It will all not matter in 50 years – we will all be dead. It is the libs who only live for today – not the future and the security of future generations.

    Don’t fall for the crap the media is spewing. In fact why even watch the media? However there is a large % of the population who check in with the MSM every night – CNN, MSNBC – their “news” sources – when in reality these “news” outlets are no principle puppets for the White House brain control machine. It is the White House that determines the news -not the news stations – they have it all laid out – just like a soap opera – very cunning and yet weak at the same time.

    This is why one must be very careful and search out the “correct versions” – those not politically motivated – of what is happening and the advice is to not rely at all on the MSM.

    America is in big trouble right now. I luckily grew up in a traditional America – a land of opportunity and Patriotism – but that America is being seriously threatened by the Obama machine – and our children’s future is in jeopardy.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    God bless America.

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