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  • Obama the Muslim Terrorist

    by Founder on June 3, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    We have a terrorist within our borders – his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

    This is the only way America was able to be brought to her knees – by someone from within.

    Everything Obama has done since being elected in 2008 has been designed to destroy the American way of life.

    Let’s look at a few examples:

    • Huge bailouts when he took office – the money was wasted paying off those who got him elected.
    • Allowing millions of illegal immigrants to flood the country and doing nothing about it.
    • Disastrous foreign policy allying with America’s enemies.
    • Allowing the killings in Benghazi and trying to cover up his participation.
    • Horrendous economic policy leading to zero economic growth – rather a contraction of the economy.
    • Fanning the flames of racism in this country – cheering on the occupy movement and backing blacks in all that he does – even if there are crimes committed.
    • Appointing of Eric Holder (the supreme racist) as head of the DOJ – as he pulls a blind eye to the law including the voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers.
    • Pushing through Obamacare at the expense of millions of hard working middle class citizens – and forcing millions to lose their health care as he gave free health care to the poor.
    • Ignoring the Constitution at every turn – simply making up his own version of laws.
    • Enacting Executive Orders granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.
    • Developing a trade pact with foreign countries that will greatly damage American interests – actually hiding the facts about what is in the bill.
    • Lying about killing Osama bin Laden and his supposed burial at sea.
    • Committing murder by killing American citizens overseas with cowardly drones.
    • Coercing the Supreme Court into voting through his trashy Obamacare bill.
    • Total failure of a Middle East policy
    • Displaying his hatred for the Jews as he isolates and ignores Bibi Netanyahu
    • Disastrous Syrian and Iran policies siding with the worst terrorists on the planet.
    • Destroying any relations the US had with Russia.
    • Attempting to and mostly succeeding in strong arming the media into supporting him at all costs.
    • Extorting the banks and Wall Street for billions as he sucks money out of the economy and redistributes it to the illegals, blacks and the poor.
    • Appointing America hating people to every level of the government and judicial system.
    • Attempting to get all inner city folks on the government dole – forcing their dependency on the system.
    • Giving away free stuff like he was Santa Clause all at the expense of the middle class.
    • Allowing ISIS to run rampant in the world.
    • A refusal to call Islamists “terrorists”.
    • Lying to the American people about being able to “keep their plan and keep their doctor”.
    • Thinking the American citizens are stupid to believe his daily lies.
    • Allowing the government to put out false and misleading information on the true unemployment figures.
    • Allowing and ordering the IRS to target conservative groups – using the IRS as a political tool.
    • Warrantless wiretapping of millions of American citizens going unchecked.
    • Allowing most departments of the government to purchase and stockpile millions of rounds of bullets – taking them out of the hands of citizens.
    • Attempting to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.
    • Forging his birth certificate
    • His regular meetings with terrorists in the White House
    • Attempting to indoctrinate our school children through the trashy common core program.

    And on and on it goes – I could keep adding to this list for days.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    We must stand tall for America.

    We must preserve America for our children and all future generations!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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