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  • Donald Trump for President

    by Founder on June 16, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    That is who we support.

    This is Americans for the Constitution - for the Constitution.

    Look at the list of other “politicians” running.

    It is horrendous except for Rand Paul.

    I am sick of politicians. They are beholden to lobbyists.

    Politicians constantly lie. Their opinions are guided by the wind and their polling data.

    I would much rather have a businessman who I know loves this country.

    There are many who call this guy a clown and a baffoon but I do not.

    I do not want another politician, Senator, Governor or Washington hack.

    I surely do not want another “community organizer”.

    Obama was the biggest disaster this country could ever have elected. He has allowed the country to be flooded with liberals of all types – illegals, college students and even normal appearing, hard working people who blindly support him.

    There are so many liberals in this country that people even support Hillary Clinton and they can’t even tell you why.

    I support Donald Trump. Why don’t people like him? Because of his TV show??

    Are people jealous of his wealth?

    Next time he speaks – listen to what he is saying. Forget about who he is – just listen to how he lambasts Obama – this is what we need.

    America needs a leader – someone who will tell it like it is.

    Someone who twill rid Washington of Muslim, America haters.

    Someone who loves the Constitution and who would never vote for Obamacare, ObamaTrade or a bill they have not read.

    Trump is as American as it gets.

    I like Scott Walker as well – but in many cases he worries me. He is so much a politician.

    I like Rand Paul and how he almost single handidly fights for Conservative values – but he is a life long politician.

    Life long politicians worry me. They are way to entrenched into the system, lobbyists etc.

    I like Trump because he whole heartedly believes in Capitalism. He believes in all the true American values.

    I also like Trump because so many people ridicule him and the liberals hate him. Anything the stupid liberals hate – I am for.

    Trump will turn around this economy like no other candidate can. He understand money and he understands how the world economy works.

    Trump is a big believer in the strength of our military – and if he is in – he will rebuild what the Muslim terrorist Obama has torn down.

    The military, the economy, Capitalism and American values – that is what I am voting for.

    Ridicule me all you want – if Trump can get the nomination he will win.

    Trump is the only candidate who is doing this with his own money. Every other candidate is using tax payer dollars and donations from those who want favors.

    What do you think politicians do in return for all their donations? That’s right, they appoint these people to jobs, cabinet positions or simply siphon the money back to them some how.

    Where do you this Obama’s “bailout” money went? Obama is as corrupt as they come – and he is doing his best to destroy the American way of living, do you want another politician to do the same?

    Support Donald Trump and lets elect a real American who loves the Constitution and the American way of life.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    american June 10, 2016

    From a Free American WITH 1st and 2nd amendment rights. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals disagrees with the American people. They stated, 6/9/2016 that the 2nd amendment does not guarantee the right to bear arms. Even off duty Sheriffs! Also know as the 9th Circus Court of Appeals.


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