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  • Obama’s Destruction of America

    by Founder on June 26, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    Obama feels triumphant? He feels he won?

    What does that tell you?

    Obama is happy he has destroyed America and the American dream.

    Obama is sick. His hatred for the very country that made him President is sickening.

    The SCOTUS ruled that ObamaCare is legal even though it clearly violates the Constitution.

    The SCOTUS ruled that gay marriage should be forced on everyone in all 50 states – whether the states want it or not.

    Today is another sad day for America.

    Obama and the Supreme Court have once again trashed our great Constitution and for all practical purposes rendered it useless.

    All you minions who are cheering these decisions have no clue what is in store for this once great country.

    America officially has no morals.

    America officially has no rule of law.

    America officially has set itself on a course for total destruction.

    Hey, what does Obama care? What do all the adults who support him care? After all we will all be gone in 50 years or so, right?

    This is how the pathetic, brain dead libs think. As long as they are good to go today they could care about the ramifications for the future.

    I tried to tell everyone for the last 7 years that Obama is a disaster. he hates America and he will leave America in a dust heap full of broken dreams.

    Everything this man has done while in office was designed to bring the middle class down and destroy the American dream of opportunity.

    No longer are adults concerned with leaving future generations with a “better world”. They are only concerned with their personal gratification – future generations be damned.

    Obama has lied since he first took his oath of office.

    His family has stolen from the American people and the US Treasury millions upon millions of dollars – heck, just for their pathetic vacations.

    These people are sick. They hate the very country that has allowed them to rob, steal, cheat and lie their way to the top.

    I am very glad there is a God because I know that someday Obama will get his.

    He will face God someday and well, karma is a bitch, right?

    We must, however, have faith.

    We the people must rise up against this terrorist and fight back.

    America was a great country once and our children deserve to inherit a great country.

    Obama has succeeded in his own mind at destroying America but we must not lose faith in this great country.

    Somehow we must wrest back our great land from this madman and all the pathetic liberals in this country.

    In addition, it seems even the Republicans in the Senate and the House have betrayed the tax payers.

    IF and I say “if” the voting system isn’t as corrupt as I tend to think it is – we can still vote. We still have the opportunity to vote these terrorists out of office and attempt to make America great again.

    I hope these atrocities will wake “We the People” up and light a fire under their patriotic souls.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    They are trying to make our country a third world hell hole – but with God as my witness – we will not go down without a fight.

    I owe this to my beautiful children, don’t you owe that to your children as well?

    God bless America.

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    Questionman June 27, 2015

    Color me shocked, the racist, bigoted hateful a-holes attacking the black man in office for giving a eulogy. Murder 9 blacks in a church and it show how racist republican truly are.

    He talked about a lot of things, of which gun control was one. As well he should have since gun violence is off the chain in this country. Everything he talked about, needed to be talked about.

    So, I do not see why you,or anyone else, has a problem with what he said.

    He did not “push gun control.” He decried the amount of gun violence.

    He did not “push gun control.” He decried the amount of gun violence.

    He is not Muslim. you are just a racist bigoted turd.

    He is not evil. you are just hateful.

    He does not hate America. you are just a racist bigoted turd.

    He is not Communist. you are just a racist bigoted turd.

    He is such a disgrace to America, isn’t he? Nope, but your anti- American sentiments are a disgrace.


    rob13 August 1, 2015

    Obama is not the problem. We are!! Everyone feels they should pick a side in politics. “UNITED WE STAND, DEVIDED WE FALL” We spend all our time watching the B.S. news and forget the true purpose of the American Experiment. It failed. It has been dead since a few years after it begun. You don’t want a police state,yet you live in one. You believe in government representation by people with corporate funding because you are not informed. One corporate entity would be media. They show a bunch of yahoos in front of the White House , after Osama , screaming USA like it’s a damn high school football game. Patriotism has become supporting the war. which one, I don’t know. We are a society of people. We all get greedy, but some monopolize the term in general. A person is smart, but people(masses) are stupid. I a tired. Capitalism,Socialism, to Communism. Its how it works. The common man democratically brings down Capitalism. Socialism follows. It is a great idea if you can pull the greed from our minds. Not gonna happen, so here comes communism. Our standing Armies have become so large and powerful , they take control. Do you really think the Chinese people in a whole hate us? No. These are all government issues.This post is confusing me because there are so many things to say, but , it’s to damn late. Like it or not, it is the truth. I will die before I personally give in.I just wanted you to know a blog does not make you patriot. Questioning and defending your inalienable rights does.


    rob13 August 1, 2015

    By the way, the voting system is screwed if you think your vote counts. Electoral College decides. Popular vote has no determination on the outcome.


    rob13 August 1, 2015

    I wanted Obama to be elected for one damn good reason. Any young black American could aspire to be more than they are brought up to believe. I am not a fan of his politics, but all I hear are rich,or hillbilly white people talking trash. I am a blue collar WHITE working man . I still can just pray that his presidency will inspire the young people(any race) to aim high.


    rob13 August 1, 2015

    one more observation,then I am done with dealing with the crap you call politics. You call yourself Americans. Guess what. We live in the united states of America. America is a two section continent. Yeah, the Mexican trying to make a living here by what ever means probably has a better grasp on the American dream than any of you. your ancestors did the same thing, only they were allowed to enter the country.I am an Irish, Scottish,German , Indian mutt. I am a skilled tradesman and I believe given the chance, anyone, of any ethnicity can achieve any dream for their future. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. I personally don’t care considering you people attack anything out of your norm. Either stand up(personally in protest) or shut your mouth.


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