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  • Obama’s State of America

    by Founder on November 11, 2015

    in Voice of the People

    We are getting closer to the end of Obama. It has been a long 6+ years – having to witness the treasonous destruction of our great country by this no good, illegal immigrant by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.

    What is the state of our great country right now?

    We have the Presidential election next year and the candidates have been gearing up.

    Trump, Cruz, Paul, Carson and Fiorina seem to be the only ones talking my language.

    But even when one of them wins the nomination, what is next?

    Is the system so rigged that even if she doesn’t garner the votes that Hillary Clinton will win?

    Is this already a done deal? Are the slime that got Obama voted inĀ  – working hard behind the scenes to get Hillary elected?

    Will the voting machines be rigged like for Obama’s second term?

    Is the fix already in? Or will America win out?

    The new Republican President needs to do several things once in office:

    • Repeal ObamaCare
    • Repeal most if not all of Obama’s Executive Orders
    • Immediately begin a top down firing and replacing of every one of Obama’s appointees. Get the Muslims and America haters out and the America lovers in.
    • Immediately begin their tax plan to restore America and the economy.
    • Deport millions of illegals – to clean out the country of the economic waste caused by their presence.
    • Build the border wall.
    • Overhaul the welfare system and audit anyone and everyone receiving government benefits.

    This is just a start to getting America back to full strength.

    For the Obama’s? Well, in a just society they would be thrown in jail. The Obama’s knowingly stole millions of dollars throughout their 8 years – for lavish vacations, pay off corruption and just padding their pockets at the expense of the hard working tax payers.

    Put them both in jail and throw away the key. They both hate the country and everything we stand for. If you are one of the naive and stupid ones who voted for them – you should hang your head in shame.

    Unemployment is at least 20%+ – yet the sick government wants the kool aid drinkers to believe it is 5%.

    The Fed is artificially keeping interest rates very low to protect Obama while he is in office – once his two disastrous terms are over they will raise the rates and the economy will implode in many ways – making the new President look bad.

    Obama has miserably failed in his attempt to take the guns away from legal gun owners – he has done all he could with false flags, raising prices of or banning ammo altogether and outright trying to change the laws on gun ownership.

    ObamaCare is failing badly – costs are rising and it is strangling businesses with the overburdened regulations and fines etc.

    Obama’s foreign policy is geared to take down and weaken America. He has imploded the Middle East – he is supporting our enemies – he is insulting our allies – he is arming radical Islamists – everything he can do to destroy America he is doing.

    Obama is fanning racial tension in America. He and his wife hate white people with a passion and he is taking the side of blacks at every turn – no matter what the facts. he has alienated the police forces across our great land and is happy to do it.

    It is clear that in a different country or even a different time – that a leader such as Obama would be tried and convicted of treasonous crimes and be sentenced to life in prison or worse.

    It is now important and vital that we all rise up and back Trump, Cruz, Paul, Carson or Fiorina for President. One of them must be elected.

    We the People must stand up to this Agenda 21 crap – and the world leaders who want to take America down.

    Do you have children? What kind of America do you want to leave them? A land of opportunity and growth? Or a dull, greylike Obamaville where everyone relies on the pathetic government for everything they do?

    Stan up! Stick up for America! Support our flag!

    God bless America!

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